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Advanced English Vocabulary for IELTS and Spoken English SET 1

Advanced English Vocabulary for IELTS,TOFEL,CSS SET 1 FLASHCARD PDF PRINTABLE . English Words for language exams in hindi and Urdu translation for daily use
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Advanced English Vocabulary for Printable Flashcards Set 1 PDF  IELTS,TOEFL, TOEIC , GRE ,CSS, UPSC and other language exam.

Genesis: (n)
The beginning or origin
We cannot yet satisfactorily explain the genesis of the universe.


Grisly: (adj.)
Extremely unpleasant because of death, decay, or destruction which is shown or described.
This is a grisly story about people who ate human flesh.


Heresy: (n)
A belief that is against the official or accepted beliefs of a religion or other group.
The minister’s speech will be regarded as heresy by most members of her party.


Incorporate: (v)
Include as part of a whole.
They incorporated her suggestions into their plan.


Indeterminate: (adj.)
Not clearly seen or fixed.
Our holiday plans are still at an indeterminate stage.


Inquest: (n)
An official inquiry.
The inquest on his death will be held next Thursday.


Officious: (adj.)
Too eager to give orders or to offer advice.
An officious little guard came and told me not to whistle in the museum.


Spearhead: (v)
To lead forcefully.
Which of the opposition parties is going to spearhead the attack on the government?


Apportion: (v)
To divide and share out.
It was difficult to apportion the blame for the accident between the two drivers.


Charisma: (n)
The strong personal charm or power to attract that makes a person able to have great influence over people.
Bhutto was a political leader of great charisma.


Concede: (v)
To admit as true, correct, or proper, often unwillingly.
I concede that particular point, but I still think you’re wrong.


Definitive: (adj.)
providing a last decision that cannot be questioned or changed; conclusive
We are expecting a definitive decision by the Supreme Court.


Instrumental! (adj.)
Being the cause of; helpful.
His information was instrumental in catching the criminal.


Essence: (n)
The central or most important quality of a thing.
The essence of his religious teaching is love.


Gregarious: (adj)
Liking the company of others; not enjoying being alone; sociable.
Man is gregarious by nature.


Determinant: (n)
Something that decides, fixes, settles, or limits.
Is cost or reliability the main determinant in choosing a new car?


Dubious: (adj.)
Feeling doubt, undecided or uncertain.
I am still dubious & about that plan.


Exacting: (adj.)
Demanding much care, effort, and attention.
It was a day of exacting or tiring work.


Fend: (v)
To look after.
I’ve had to fend for myself since I was 14.


Fume: (v)
To be angry and restless, but often without expressing one’s feelings fully.
She was fuming with annoyance because the books hadn’t arrived.


Hierarchy: (n)
A system by which the members of an organization are grouped and arranged according to higher and lower ranks, especially official ranks.
There is a very rigid hierarchy in the civil service.


Liaison: (n)
A working association, so that each side is well- informed about what the other is doing.
There should be a close liaison between the bench and the bar.


Reel: (v)
To be in a state of shock, confusion, or uncertainty.
All these statistics make my head reel.

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