Advanced Vocabulary

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS band score 9 SET 22

Advanced Vocabulary for Printable Flashcards Set 22 PDF IELTS,TOEFL, TOEIC , GRE ,CSS, UPSC and other language exam.
Advanced Vocabulary for Printable Flashcards Set 22 PDF IELTS,TOEFL, TOEIC , GRE ,CSS, UPSC and other language exam.

Advanced Vocabulary with Printable Flashcards Set 22 PDF  IELTS,TOEFL, TOEIC , GRE ,CSS, UPSC and other language exam. The Sets of high frequency Advanced Vocabulary will you master any English language exam in the world.

Evanescent: (adj.) Fleeting; impermanent

The evanescent post-war economic prosperity was quickly followed by a deep recession.


Evict: (v) To force someone to leave a place.

He was evicted from the hotel for violent behaviour.


Evocation: (n) Imaginative recreation; act of summoning up

Her novel is a brilliant evocation of life in the eighteenth century India.



(adj.) Stimulating vivid memories; recreating a mood

The pebbled streets and traditional shops are evocative of a completely different era.


Exalt: (v) To praise highly. Also, to raise in status or rank

He was exalted to the position of General Manager.


Excursion: (n) Short trip for a special purpose

Many excursions had been arranged by the holiday company.


Exemplary: (adj.) Worthy of imitation; serving as a model or pattern

His act was exemplary, especially considering the circumstances.


Exemplify: (v) To illustrate or show by example

This painting perfectly exemplifies the naturalistic style which was so popidar at the time.


Exempt: (v) To excuse or release from some obligation or requirement to which others are subject

Exempting small businesses from an increase in tax should be a popular move.

Exorbitant: (adj.) Excessive; beyond what is normally expected and proper; extravagant, as, exorbitant demands.

I don’t appreciate the exorbitant rates of interest charged by the Western Bank.


Exorcise: (v) To swear evil spirits out of a person

A priest exorcised the ghost from the house.


Explicate: (v) To explain in details; make clear

This is a book which clearly explicates the poetry ofGhalib.


Exploit: (v) To use unfairly for one’s own profit

He is fully exploiting his opponent’s weak family background.


Exponent: (n) One who explains or interprets; one who represents or exemplifies

Adam Smith was an exponent of free trade.


Expound: (v) To explain clearly and thoroughly; interpret

We had to listen for hours to his expounding on democracy.


Fervent: (adj.) Believing or feeling something very strongly and sincerely.

It was a debate, which aroused fervent ethical arguments.


Fetter: (v) To restrain; curtail one’s freedom

Fettered by very strict office routine, he was unable to fulfill his ambitions.


Fickle: (adj.) Changeable or unstable

Don’t depend too much on him; he is a fickle person.


Figment: (n) Something which seems real but is not

Was it just a figment of my imagination or did I hear Parveen’s voice in the other room?


Finale: (n) Ending; the last part of a piece of music or show

All the actors come on stage during the finale.


Finite: (adj.) Limited; having definable limits or boundaries

The funds available for the health service are finite and we cannot afford to waste money.


Fitful: (adj.) Restless; spasmodic; intermittent; irregular

After several fitful attempts, he decided to postpone the start of the project until he felt more energetic.


Flagrant: (adj.) Openly scandalous or disgraceful; notorious

We cannot condone such flagrant violation of the rules.


Flora and fauna: (n) The plants and the animals of a region

This is a nice book on the flora and fauna of Punjab.


Fluent: (adj.) Speaking easily

He is fluent in speaking English.