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Confusing Words with Meanings and Explanation – SET 2

Confusing Words with Meanings and Explanation - SET 2
Confusing Words with Meanings and Explanation - SET 2


 Altercation, Fight 

An altercation is a verbal fight.

whereas a fight implies the use of physical force.         

An altercation ensued between the two parties over the question of playing music before a mosque.

Some college boys often fight with one another, over trifling matters.


Amiable, Amicable

Amicable is used with reference to an agreement or a adjustment.

Amiable means of love-able disposition.

He has an amiable disposition.

The dispute between the two parties was settled amicably.


Ancient, Old

Ancient should be used when an object is old as the historical period, especially the earliest periods.

Old is used for an object which is nearly zoom out.

We know very little about the history of Ancient India.

He threw away his old pair of shoes.


Antagonise, Oppose

Antagonise means to make the other person your enemy by some thoughtless action.

Oppose means to go against someone.

You will antagonise everybody by unnecessarily picking holes in others’ coats.

He opposed the amendment suggested by the previous speaker.


Anticipate, Expect

Anticipate means to know beforehand.

Except means to wait for the arrival of some.

The defence counsel anticipated the arguments of the prosecution side and nullified their force by counter-arguments.

One, and to think or believe that a person or thing is coming or that an event will happen. Don’t expect me till Sunday next.


Anxious, Eager 

Anxious is used to denote a state of suspense. 

Eager means desirous.

He was anxious to know his result.

I am eager to buy this book.


Arrogate, Arrogant

Arrogate means to claim unduly.

The clerk arrogates to himself the rights and privileges of the officer.

Arrogant means haughty, discourteous and rude.

He answers everyone in arrogant tones.


Art, Artifice .

Art is used to denote a skill and is always used in good sense

an artifice means a trick or cunning , device.

It is an art to please an offended customer by flattering remarks.

He employed many an artifice to make him sign this agreements.


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