Advanced Vocabulary

English Higher Words List for IELTS, PTE, OET Course SET 21

Advanced Vocabulary for Printable Flashcards Set 21 PDF IELTS,TOEFL, TOEIC , GRE ,CSS, UPSC and other language exam.
Advanced Vocabulary for Printable Flashcards Set 21 PDF IELTS,TOEFL, TOEIC , GRE ,CSS, UPSC and other language exam.

English Higher Words List with Printable Flashcards Set 21 PDF IELTS,TOEFL, TOEIC , GRE ,CSS, UPSC and other language exam. The Sets of high frequency  English Higher Words List will you Master any English language exam in the world.


Educable: (adj.) Capable of being educated

We must not ignore educable children.


Eerie: (adj.) Weird; frightening because mysterious, or unnatural.

He had the eerie feeling that he had met that stranger before.


Efface: (v) to erase; obliterate.

Someone has tried to tamper with the contract by effacing a few words.

The whole country had tried to efface the memory of the old dictatorship.


Efficacy: (n) Effectiveness; power to produce a desired result

They recently conducted a series of tests to measure the efficacy of the drug.


Effluent: (adj.) Liquid waste, as from an industrial or sewage source; stream flowing out of a body of water

Effluents from various local factories are finding their way into the river.


Effulgence: (n) Radiance; brilliance

In the evening sunshine, these diamonds glow with a salmon coloured effulgence


Emulate: (v) To imitate; try to do as well or better

People often try to emulate their favourite pop singers or movie stars.


Enamored: (adj.) Captivated; fascinated

I have to say I’m not exactly enamoured with this part of the country.


Enclave: (n) One territory set within a larger territory

A few years ago I was in Canada and I visited both the bidian and Pakistani enclaves in Toronto.


Encroach: (v) To trespass; intrude on another’s rights stealthily

He rejected the charges that his troops had encroached upon foreign territory.


Endearing: (adj.) Lovable She has endearing manners.


Endeavour: (v) To make an attempt; strive

The United Nations endeavoured to bring peace to the region.

Engineer’s are endeavouring to locate the source of the problem.


Endow: (v) To provide with a talent or quality; to give property

Some lucky people are endowed with both brains and beauty.


Enervating: (adj.) Weakening; enfeebling; devitalizing

In August, Lahore often has hot, humid and enervating weather.


Engrossing: (adj.) Absorbing; totally holding the attention

It is really an engrossing book.


Enigma: (n) Puzzle; riddle; baffling problem; inscrutable or mysterious person

She is a bit of an enigma.


Enigmatic: (adj.) Puzzling; inexplicable; baffling

He is the most enigmatic of all our poets.


Ennui: (n) Boredom; tedium; a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction

The whole country seems to be affected by the ennui of winter.


Enormity: (n) Outrage; great wickedness; serious crime

His paintings depict the enormities of war.


Enraptured: (adj.) Filled with intense delight; carried away by joy

We were enraptured by the view of the mountains.


Entourage: (n) Train of attendants, associates or followers, retinue

The Prime Minister entered the city with his entourage.


Entrench: (v) To establish firmly

The idea of democracy is entrenched in free societies


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