Advanced Vocabulary

English words that an advanced learner MUST KNOW- SET 24

Advanced Vocabulary for Printable Flashcards Set 24 PDF IELTS,TOEFL, TOEIC , GRE ,CSS, UPSC and other language exam.
Advanced Vocabulary for Printable Flashcards Set 24 PDF IELTS,TOEFL, TOEIC , GRE ,CSS, UPSC and other language exam.

English words with Printable Flashcards Set 24 PDF  IELTS,TOEFL, TOEIC , GRE ,CSS, UPSC and other language exam. The Sets of high frequency English words will you master any English language exam in the world.

Incentive: (n) Stimulus; motivating influence

Tax incentives have been very effective in encouraging people to save or invest more of their.


Incessant: (adj.) Unceasing; without let up

The incessant noise outside the window didn’t let me sleep.


Inclement: (adj.) Harsh and severe; generally describing weather

The match was cancelled due to inclement weather.


Incline: (v) Tend; have a preference for; be disposed to

His sincerity inclines me to trust him. .


Incommunicable: (adj.) Unsharable; incapable of being communicated

He was held incommunicable for the first 48 hours after he was arrested.


Incomparable: (adj.) Unequalled; beyond comparison, matchless

He is a man of incomparable kindness and generosity.


Inconceivable: (adj.) Unthinkable; unimaginable

His failure in the examination is inconceivable.


Infraction: (n) Act of breaking or violating

Any attempt to influence the judges will be seen as an infraction of the rules.


Inhibiting: (adj.) Hindering, preventing, blocking; holding back from some action

Fear of failure is an inhibiting factor for many people.


Inimitable: (adj.) Unequalled; defying imitation; unique

He was describing, in his own inimitable style how to write a bestselling novel


Initial: (v) First; earliest; coming at the beginning

Initial reports say that seven people have died, though this has not yet been confirmed.


Innuendo: (n) An insinuation; indirect aspersion

The newspaper innuendo about his private life eventually made him resign.


Inopportune: (adj.) Untimely or unreasonable

I made a rather inopportune remark about divorce not knowing that Guddi and her husband had just eparated.                                                                                                                                                      .


Insipid: (adj.) Dull; tasteless; not lively

He is a good-looking but insipid young man.


Insolent: (adj.) Haughty and contemptuous; disrespectful

The insolent tax inspector irritated everyone.


Insurrection: (n) Revolt; an uprising but not yet a full rebellion

Guards were moving down from the north to crush the insurrection.


Integrate: (v) To combine or bring various parts or people together into a whole

It is very difficult to integrate yourself into a society whose culture is so different from your own.


Intensive: (adj.) Throughout; concentrated

The patient needs intensive care for three weeks.


Interim: (adj.) An interim job or committee is temporary, provisional or for the time

An interim government was set up for the period before the country’s first free elections.


Interjection: (n) Exclamation; an interrupting remark or question.

The minister was not prepared for this interjection.


Interminable: (adj.) Endless; tiresomely protracted

I was glad of company for the last, long hours of this interminable flight.


Intermittent: (adj.) Periodic; stopping and starting with emphasis on the pauses

Our picnic was marred by intermittent rain.


Intern: (v) To detain or confine; place under restraint as a political or wartime     prisoner

Many politicians and intellectuals were interned after the military coup.


Interplay: (n) Interaction; action or effect on one another

The scene serves to bring out the emotional interplay between the mother and the child.


Itinerary: (n) Detailed plan of places to visit on a trip

Before leaving for his first visit to France and England, he discussed his itinerary with people who had been there.


Jaunt: (n) Outing; excursion; short pleasure trip

Half the fan of our Sunday jaunts to the mountains is lunch with Sikander and his family.


Jovial: (adj.) A jovial person is jolly, full of hearty, good humour

He being a jovial fellow, everybody likes his company.


Junta: (n) Administrative or legislative council or committee; faction

The military junta have today broadcast an appeal for calm.


Jurisdiction: (n) Legal authority or power; extent or area where authority is valid

School admissions are not under our jurisdiction.


Justify: (v) To vindicate; show an action to be valid

Are you sure that these measures are justified?


juxtapose: (v) To place side by side

In this poem the poet has juxtaposed reality and fantasy.


Kaleidoscope: (n) Optical toy containing bits of coloured glass and mirrors that change patterns

The garden in the morning was a kaleidoscope of colours and smells.


Languid: (adj.) Listless; without energy; lacking interest

He works in a languid manner.


Lassitude: (n) Weariness; lethargy; listlessness

Share-holders are blaming the company’s problems on the lassitude of the Managing Director.

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