Advanced Vocabulary

Higher English vocabulary for FPSC Test and Spoken English SET 17

Advanced Vocabulary for Printable Flashcards Set 17 PDF IELTS,TOEFL, TOEIC , GRE ,CSS, UPSC and other language exam.
Advanced Vocabulary for Printable Flashcards Set 17 PDF IELTS,TOEFL, TOEIC , GRE ,CSS, UPSC and other language exam.

 Higher English vocabulary with Printable Flashcards Set 17 PDF  IELTS,TOEFL, TOEIC , GRE ,CSS, UPSC and other language exam. The Sets of high frequency Higher English vocabulary  will you master any English language exam in the world.

Abyss: (n) Chasm; deep crack or fissure in the earth, immeasurable rift.

He was killed in a climbing accident when a rope broke and he fell into an abyss.


Acclamation: (n) Enthusiastic approval by loud applause; cheering, shouts

His speech was greeted with sounds of acclamation.


Accost: (v) To address; approach and speak to; speak first to.

When the two young men accosted me, I was frightened because I thought they were going to Karachi.


Arbiter: (n) Judge; person with authority to settle disputes

The court was an arbiter between the province and the federal government.


Arbitrary: (adj.) Based on one’s own notions; not guided by law or rules.

His arbitrary decisions ruined the business.


Arcade: (n) A covered passageway. Also, an arched, roofed-in area or a line of arches

I saw him at a shopping arcade.


Arch: Principal; chief; main

His is my arch rival.


Archaic: (adj.) Of or belonging to the distant part; from an ancient period in history.

The meanings of some archaic forms of writings is not always understood today.


Ardour: (n) emotion of great intensity and warmth

His ardour for the cause inspired his followers.


Arduous: (adj.) Difficult; demanding great effort; strenuous.

The work is arduous and the time is short.


Arrogant: (adj.) Haughty; overbearing; offensively demanding.

She is very arrogant in the way she behaves.


 Acerbic: (adj.) Bitter; having a biting, caustic way of expressing oneself.

His acerbic remarks upset the minister.


Acoustic: (adj.) Relating to sound or hearing

The microphone converts acoustic waves to electrical signals for transmission.


Acquiescence: (n) Passive consent; agreement with reservations.

I was surprised by her acquiescence in the scheme.


Artefact: (n) Man-made object, such an ornament, tool or weapon.

The museum’s collection includes artifacts dating back to prehistoric times.


Artful: (adj.) Crafty; deceitfully clever at achieving an end.

The artful letter had the unmistakable stamp of falsity.


Articulate: (adj.) Intelligible; using language clearly and effectively At the age of 93,

he was still sharp-witted and articulate.


Ascent: (n) The act of rising or ascending, as the ascent of a balloon.

She made her first successful ascent of Everest last year.


Assent: (n) Consent or agreement; acceptance

He gave his assent to my proposal


Assert: (v) To state or claim positively health.

It is nonsense to assert that smoking does not damage health.


Bathos: (n) Absurd sentimentality. Also, descent from the sublime to the ridiculous.

I think there is a bathos in his writings.


Bedevil: (v) To harass; torment

Serious economic problems are bedeviling the country.


Beggar: (v) To make description or comparison seem inadequate or, useless; outdo.

His conduct is so bad it beggars (all) description.


Beguile: (v) To charm, enchant, delight. Also, to slyly deceive.

The salesman beguiled him into buying a car he didn’t want.


Belie: (v) To give a false impression, misrepresent

Her calmness belied a deep anxiety.


Bellicose: (adj.) Quarrelsome; pugnacious

The General made some bellicose statements about his country’s military strength.


Benediction: (n) A blessing; an asking of God’s blessing at the end of a religious service

After the service, they raised their hands in benediction.

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