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   Verbs  Starting with A .This quick guide will show you how to use the various verb forms, including the root form of the verb. This list for all English learner.

Base Form Simple Present Tense

(3rd Person Singular)

Present Participle

(Continuous Tense )

Simple Past tense Past Participle

(Perfect tense)

Arise Arises Arising Arose Arisen
Abide Abides Abiding Abode Abode
Awake Awakes Awaking Awoke Awoke
Advise Advises Advising Advised Advised
Allow Allows Allowing Allowed Allowed
Attend Attends Attending Attended Attended
Arrive Arrives Arriving Arrived Arrived
Apply Applies Applying Applied Applied
Abuse Abuses Abusing Abused Abused
Accuse Accuses Accusing Accused Accused
Answer Answers Answering Answered Answered
Appear Appears Appearing Appeared Appeared
Appoint Appoints Appointing Appointed Appointed
Argue Argues Arguing Argued Argued
agree agrees agreeing agreed agreed
attack Attacks Attacking attacked attacked
add Adds Adding added added
ask Asks Asking asked asked
accept Accepts Accepting accepted accepted
act acts acting acted acted
arrange Arranges arrange arranged arranged
arrest Arrests Arresting arrested arrested
admire admires Admiring admired admired

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