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Antonyms Words List

Get 200 Antonyms Words List PDF for beginner English learners. Antonyms words list will help you add variety to your English Vocabulary usage. The given list of Antonyms with meanings will strengthen your English language expression. Antonyms list is not only for beginners but for 2nd grade, grade 4, competitive exams,  grade 3 and for all the other grades.

Let’s define ‘Antonyms’ first; A Antonyms is a word having the opposite meaning.

Word Antonyms
Accept Reject
Buy Sell
Collect Distribute
Dead Alive
Encourage Discourage
Float Sink
Give Take
Honest Dishonest
Lend Borrow
Life Death
Majority Minority
Obey Disobey
Poor Rich
Strong Weak
Appear Disappear
Beauty Ugliness
Careful Careless
Decrease Increase
Entry Exit
Far Near
Gain Loss
Ignorance Knowledge
Remember Forget
Swim Drown
Punishment Reward
Thick Thin
Wake Sleep
Warm Cool
Abandon Keep
Abbreviate Increase
Able Incapable
Abundant Insufficient
Active Idle
Adequate Insufficient
After Before
Apparent Hidden
Difficult Easy
Disagree Agree
Dry Wet
Early  Late
Encourage Discourage
Enjoy Dislike
Arrive Depart
Artificial Real
Awkward Graceful
Barren Fertile
Believe Doubt
Birth Dead
Brave  Cowardly
Brief Long
Full Empty
Calm Excited
Care  Neglect
Cease Continue
Close Open
Combine Separate
Shrewd Unthinking
Sick Well
Sluggish Quick
Before After
Believe Doubt
Beneficial Harmful
Charming Obnoxious
Chubby Thin
Close Open
Dangerous Safe
Dense Sparse
Deposit Withdraw
Entirely Partly
Evident Doubtful
Feasible Impossible
Ferocious Tame
Gallant Ungentlemanly
Gaunt Overweight
Help Hinder
Hold Release
Hospitable Rude
Long Short
Lure Repel
Magnify Reduce
Negligent Conscientious
Neutral Prejudiced
Nice Unpleasant
Open Close
Always Never
Apparent Hidden
Birth Death
Brave Cowardly
Valiant Cowardly
Vicious Kind
Virtuous Sinful
Tangible Vague
Upset Soothe
Vacant Filled
Combine Separate
Complex Simple
Conflict Agree
Premature Late,
Arrive Depart
Deter Encourage
Awkward Graceful
Quit Continue
Sluggish Quick
Smooth Rough
Passive Forceful
Poor Rich
Mourn Rejoice
Fluid Solid
Fluid Solid
Drastic Mild
Ratify Veto
Reluctant Willing
Surplus Lack
Synthetic Natural
Ridiculous Sensible
Question Answer
Listless Active
Full Empty
Future Past
Maximum Minimum
Ordinary Unusual
Outstanding Insignificant
Combine Separate
Complex Simple
Sorrow Joy
Successful Unsuccessful
Naughty Good
Huge Small
Humiliate Honor
Docile Wild
Doubt Believe
Smooth Rough
Conform Dissent
Congested Empty
Conscientious Neglectful
Always Never
Apparent Hidden
Brave Cowardly
Ratify Veto
Exquisite Revolting
Repulsive Pleasing

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