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Important Synonyms Words List with Meanings and Sentences. A to Z Synonyms important to learn with flashcards and worksheets. Synonyms Words covering different topics help add variety to your English language skills. You might think why These words are important, the answer to this question is very simple. Firstly, we should always have a backup as we are English as second language users. secondly, if we are expert users, we are supposed to have variety in our language, we are expected to write and speak more efficiently and accurately.

Why we use Synonyms?
Let’s answer this question in a very simple way, we always want to have an alternative or plan B or we want to have a variety and color scheme to beautify things. The same thing we do with the English language, or any other language. we sometimes use them when we forget the word and we use its synonym instead so that we never stuck and our fluency of English speaking never gets disturbed.