50 Ways to Say “Can You Repeat That Please”

50 way to say "Can You Repeat That Please In English"

Sometimes when we talk, we need to hear something again to understand it better. Asking Can You Repeat That in different ways helps us do this clearly and politely.

There are many easy ways to ask someone to say something again. You can say, “Could you tell me that again?” if you didn’t hear it the first time. In a more formal situation, you might say, “Please, could you say that once more?” This is a polite way to ask.

If you are talking with friends, you can simply say, “What was that?” or “I didn’t get that, can you repeat?” These ways are casual but still clear. In work or professional places, using short questions like “Again, please?” is good because it’s quick and clear.

So, knowing different ways to say Can You Repeat That is helpful. It lets us ask for information again in a way that is right for each situation. This helps us understand each other better.

Ways to Say Can You Repeat That

Here’s a list of 50 different ways to say “Can You Repeat That,” along with explanations of the situations in which you might use each phrase:

  1. Could you say that again, please?
    • Use this in any situation where you need something repeated in a polite way.
  2. Sorry, what was that?
    • Good for casual conversations when you didn’t hear or understand something.
  3. I didn’t catch that, could you repeat it?
    • When you miss part of what was said, in both casual and semi-formal settings.
  4. Pardon, can you say that once more?
    • A polite way to ask for repetition, suitable in both social and professional settings.
  5. Can you elaborate on that?
    • Use in meetings or discussions when you need more details or clarification.
  6. Come again?
    • Informal and quick, suitable for casual chats.
  7. Could you clarify that, please?
    • When you understand the words but need more explanation, often in formal or work situations.
  8. Would you mind repeating that?
    • Polite and formal, good for situations where you want to show respect.
  9. I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get that.
    • Polite and a bit formal, suitable for when you’re talking to someone you don’t know well.
  10. One more time, please?
    • Casual and friendly, good for when you’re in a relaxed environment.
  11. Could you go over that again?
    • Useful in educational or training sessions where you need something explained again.
  12. Excuse me, what did you say?
    • Polite and direct, suitable for most situations.
  13. I’m not sure I understand, could you repeat?
    • When you need clarity in both personal and professional conversations.
  14. Can you speak a bit slower, please?
    • Helpful when the speaker is talking fast, in any setting.
  15. Sorry, can you rephrase that?
    • When you need something said in a different way, often in a learning or professional context.
  16. I missed that, could you say it again?
    • For moments when you weren’t paying attention or got distracted.
  17. Sorry, I’m not following, can you repeat that?
    • In meetings or conversations when you’re having trouble keeping up.
  18. Can you spell that for me?
    • When you need the spelling of a word, often over the phone or in a meeting.
  19. I didn’t hear you, can you repeat that?
    • When there’s background noise or the speaker is too quiet.
  20. That’s interesting, can you say more?
    • When you find something intriguing and want additional information.
  21. Sorry, could you repeat the last part?
    • When you heard the beginning but missed the end of what was said.
  22. Can you go back a bit?
    • In presentations or lectures when you need the speaker to backtrack.
  23. Sorry, my mind wandered. Can you say that again?
    • When you’ve momentarily lost focus and need something repeated.
  24. I want to make sure I got that, can you repeat?
    • When you need confirmation or clarification, especially of important details.
  25. Sorry, I’m not familiar with that term. Could you explain?
    • When you don’t understand specific jargon or terms, in educational or professional settings.
  26. Could you repeat that slowly?
    • When you need the speaker to slow down so you can understand or take notes.
  27. What do you mean by that?
    • When you need further explanation about a particular point or idea.
  28. I’m sorry, could you go over that one more time?
    • A polite way to ask for repetition in any situation.
  29. That was a lot of information. Can you summarize it?
    • In meetings or lectures when you need a quick recap of detailed information.
  30. Can you say that in a different way?
    • When you need the information presented differently to understand it better.
  31. Sorry, English isn’t my first language. Could you repeat that?
    • When language barriers make understanding difficult.
  32. I want to be sure I understand. Can you repeat that?
    • In important conversations where you need to be certain about what’s being said.
  33. Could you give me that information again?
    • When you need to double-check or reconfirm details.
  34. Sorry, could you back up a second?
    • In casual conversations when you need a quick repeat of something you missed.
  35. Can you explain that like I’m five?
    • When you need a complex topic broken down into simple terms.
  36. Sorry, I need a bit more detail. Can you go over that again?
    • In work or study situations where you need more in-depth information.
  37. Could you run that by me one more time?
    • Casual yet polite, suitable for when you’re having an informal discussion.
  38. Sorry, I got lost there. Can you say that part again?
    • When you’ve lost track of the conversation and need to catch up.
  39. I think I missed something. Could you repeat that?
    • In group conversations when you didn’t catch what was said.
  40. That’s a new concept to me. Can you explain it again?
    • When encountering unfamiliar ideas or topics, especially in educational settings.
  41. Sorry, I’m a bit confused. Can you go over that again?
    • When you’re struggling to understand a concept or instruction.
  42. Could you tell me that once more?
    • Polite and straightforward, good for any situation where clarity is needed.
  43. I’m trying to follow along. Can you repeat that, please?
    • When you’re making an effort to understand complex information.
  44. I didn’t quite follow. Could you say that again?
    • In conversations or meetings when you need something explained again for clarity.
  45. Sorry, I need to hear that one more time.
    • When you almost understand but need just a little more information.
  46. Can you explain that again, but in simpler terms?
    • When you need a complicated idea explained in an easy-to-understand way.
  47. Sorry, could you go a bit slower?
    • Useful when you’re taking notes or need to process information at a slower pace.
  48. I’m not sure I got all that. Can you repeat it?
    • In situations where you’re unsure if you’ve understood everything correctly.
  49. Could you help me understand that better?
    • When you’re seeking a deeper or clearer understanding of a topic or instruction.
  50. I think I need to hear that again. Could you repeat?
    • In any situation where you’re not completely sure of what was said and need confirmation.
Other Way To Say Could you repeat that, please
Can you repeat that

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