Present Perfect Continuous Worksheets

The Present Perfect Continuous Worksheets are essential for anyone learning English. They provide lots of practice with this tense, which shows actions that started in the past and are still happening or just finished. The worksheets have different exercises like filling in the blanks, rewriting sentences, and answering questions. They help make clear when and how to use the Present Perfect Continuous tense. By using these worksheets regularly, learners get better at English grammar. The examples and hints in the worksheets make learning this tense easier. So, if you want to improve your English, especially your grammar skills, try the Present Perfect Continuous Worksheets. They are a great resource for learners of all ages.

Present Perfect Continuous Worksheets

Worksheet 1: Fill in the Blanks with Present Perfect continuous form of the verb.

  • I ____ ____  a novel all day.(read)
  • She ____ ____  for the exam since morning.(study)
  • They ____ ____  football for two hours.(play)
  • He ____ ____  at the company for five years.(work)
  • We ____ ____  for the bus since 9 AM.(wait)
  • Mary ____ ____  dinner since 6 PM.(cook)
  • It ____ ____ heavily for the past two days.(rain)
  • I ____ ____  the piano for an hour.(practice)
  • The kids ____ ____  cartoons on TV since morning.(watch)
  • She ____ ____  in many competitions lately.(dance)
  • We ____ ____ around Europe for three weeks.(travel)
  • He ____ ____  video games all night.(play)
  • Sarah ____ ____  on her thesis for months.(work)
  • They ____ ____  the project for hours.(discuss)
  • I ____ ____  at the gym regularly.(exercise)
  • The workers ____ ____ the new bridge since last year.(build)
  • She ____ ____  a novel for a long time.(write)
  • We ____ ____  in our backyard.(garden)
  • He ____ ____  the guitar since he was a child.(play)
  • They ____ ____ the walls of the house recently.(paint)

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18+ Sentences of Present Perfect Continuous Tense Worksheet. How to use Present Perfect Continuous Tense in Sentences.
Present Perfect Continuous

Worksheet 2: Quiz – Present Perfect Continuous 

How long ____ you ____ English before you moved to the United States?

A) have, learn    B) has, learning    C) had, learned     D) have, been learning

She ____ at the new job for three months now.

A) work   B) works       C) has been working     D) working

By next week, I ____ here for a year.

A) am      B) have been      C) will be        D) being

They ____ hard all day.

A) worked    B) works       C) have been working     D) work

How long ____ they ____ this project?

A) has, started      B) have, started       C) has, been starting     D) have, been starting

He ____ his new car for two weeks now.

A) buys     B) bought      C) has been buying      D) has had

I ____ my book in the library.

A) has left     B) leave     C) have been leaving   D) have left

They ____ the house all day, but it still looks messy.

A) clean       B) cleaned    C) have been cleaning      D) cleaning

She ____ her friends every weekend for the past month.

A) meets     B) met        C) has met   D) has been meeting

How long ____ you ____ tennis before you sprained your wrist?

A) have, played     B) have, been playing     C) had, played      D) had, been playing

Quiz-Present Perfect Continuous Tense Worksheets .Mcqs of Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

Quiz-Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Worksheet 3: Rewrite Sentences in negative and interrogative form.

  1.  I have been to Paris before.
    •  I haven’t been to Paris before.
    •  Haven’t I been to Paris before?
  2. They have finished their homework.
    • They haven’t finished their homework.
    • Haven’t they finished their homework?
  3.  She has visited the museum.
    •  She hasn’t visited the museum.
    •  Hasn’t she visited the museum?
  4.  He had seen that movie.
    •  He hadn’t seen that movie.
    •  Hadn’t he seen that movie?
  5.  We have been waiting for an hour.
    •  We haven’t been waiting for an hour.
    •  Haven’t we been waiting for an hour?
Negative and Interrogative of Present Perfect Continuous. Present Perfect Continuous in negative and interrogative form.
Negative and Interrogative of Present Perfect Continuous


  Answers of Worksheet 1.

  • have been reading
  • has been studying
  • have been playing
  • has been working
  • have been waiting
  • has been cooking
  • has been raining
  • have been practicing
  • have been watching
  • has been dancing
  • have been traveling
  • has been playing
  • has been working
  • have been discussing
  • have been exercising
  • have been building
  • has been writing
  • have been gardening
  • has been playing
  • have been painting

    Answers of Worksheet 2

  • have, been learning
  • have been working
  • have been
  • has been working
  • have, been starting
  • has been buying
  • have left
  • have been cleaning
  •  has been meeting
  •  have, been playing

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