Causative Verbs Worksheets and Exercises with Answers

Causative Verbs Worksheets
Causative Verbs Worksheets

Understanding Causative Verbs Worksheets is important for learning language. These worksheets help you understand how to make things happen in sentences. By using Causative Verbs Exercises, you learn how to show that someone makes something happen. These exercises include different activities to help you practice using causative verbs. When you practice regularly, you get better at using these verbs correctly. Causative Verbs Exercises are helpful for anyone learning a language. They make it easier to understand and use causative verbs in sentences.

Causative Verbs Worksheets

Causative Verbs Worksheet 1

Complete the Sentences using Causative Verbs.

  1. She __________ her kids play in the yard.
  2. He __________ his bed before leaving for work.
  3. They __________ their car washed at the service station.
  4. The teacher __________ the students go early today.
  5. She __________ her brother apologize for his mistake.
  6. We __________ our house painted last summer.
  7. He __________ his hair cut every month.
  8. They __________ the cat out of the house.
  9. She __________ him a cup of tea when he felt sick.
  10. They __________ their dinner delivered from their favorite restaurant.
  11. He __________ his dog sleep in his room.
  12. She __________ her sister laugh with her jokes.
  13. We __________ the plumber fix the leaking faucet.
  14. They __________ their clothes dry-cleaned regularly.
  15. He __________ his friend borrow his bike for the weekend.
  16. She __________ her children finish their homework before dinner.
  17. They __________ their groceries delivered to their doorstep.
  18. He __________ his car serviced every six months.
  19. She __________ her friend borrow her dress for the party.
  20. They __________ their guests feel welcome in their home.
  21. We __________ our carpets cleaned before the guests arrived.
  22. He __________ his computer repaired by a professional technician.
  23. She __________ her brother use her phone for the day.
  24. They __________ their employees attend a training session.
  25. She __________ her nails done at the salon.

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Causative Verbs Worksheets and Exercises. 25 Sentences using Causative Verbs
Causative Verbs Worksheets

Causative Verbs Worksheet 2

Choose the Correct Option.

  • She __________ her car washed every weekend.

a) has                b) makes               c) gets            d) had

  • They __________ their house painted last summer.

a) had                b) makes               c) get              d) having

  • He __________ his brother fix the computer for him.

a) had                b) makes               c) gets             d) having

  • Sarah __________ her hair cut at the salon every month.

a) gets                b) made                c) having         d) have

  • The teacher __________ the students do the assignment by tomorrow.

a) has                 b) making             c) got               d) having

  • They __________ their dog trained by a professional.

a) having            b) has                   c) get               d) had

  • The company __________ the new software installed last week.

a) has                 b) making             c) gets              d) had

  • She __________ her dress altered for the party tonight.

a) has                 b) making              c) gets              d) had

  • He __________ his lawn mowed every two weeks.

a) has                 b) making              c) gets              d) had

  • They __________ their meals delivered from the restaurant regularly.

a) have               b) making              c) got                d) had

  • The parents __________ their children study for their exams.

a) have               b) making              c) got                d) had

  • She __________ her shoes repaired at the shop yesterday.

a) has                 b) making              c) gets              d) had

  • He __________ his house cleaned every Friday.

a) has                 b) making              c) get                d) had

  • The boss __________ his assistant type the report for him.

a) has                 b) making              c) gets              d) had

  • They __________ their furniture moved to the new house last month.

a) had                 b) making              c) gets             d) have


Causative Verbs Mcqs Worksheet and Exercises. Let Make Have Get Worksheets
Causative Verbs Worksheet

Causative Verbs Worksheet 3

Underline the Causative Verbs.

  1. I had my friend teach me guitar.
  2. She made her kids do homework before dinner.
  3. They got their house cleaned for visitors.
  4. He had the tailor fix his suit for the wedding.
  5. The boss let us leave work early on Fridays.
  6. We had the plumber fix the leaky faucet.
  7. She got her hair dyed at the salon.
  8. They had the gardener cut the bushes.
  9. He made his assistant book his flights.
  10. She got her car fixed at the mechanic’s.
  11. We had the electrician install new lights.
  12. They made their kids say sorry.
  13. He got his resume checked.
  14. She had her laptop repaired.
  15. The company let me join a workshop.
Causative Verbs Exercises and Worksheets. Underline the Causative Verbs. Let Make have Get Worksheets
Causative Verbs Exercises

Answer of Worksheet 1:

  1. let
  2. made
  3. had
  4. let
  5. made
  6. had
  7. gets
  8. let
  9. made
  10. had
  11. lets
  12. made
  13. had
  14. get
  15. let
  16. made
  17. had
  18. gets
  19. let
  20. made
  21. had
  22. gets
  23. let
  24. made
  25. had

Answer of Worksheet 2:

  • c) gets
  • a) had
  • a) had
  • a) gets
  • a) has
  • d) had
  • d) had
  • a) has
  • a) has
  • a) have
  • d) had
  • a) has
  • a) has
  • d) had
  • a) had

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