Weather Vocabulary Worksheets and Exercises

Weather Vocabulary Worksheets and Exercises
Weather Vocabulary Worksheets

Weather Vocabulary Worksheets are great for learning all the words we use to talk about the weather. Doing Weather Vocabulary Exercises helps you know more about different weather types and how to describe them. These sheets make it easy to understand and talk about sunny days, rainy afternoons, or snowy mornings. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to get better at talking about the weather in everyday life.

Weather Vocabulary Worksheets

Weather Vocabulary Worksheet 1

  1. What weather involves falling water droplets?
    a) Rainy
    b) Snowy
    c) Hailing
    d) Stormy
  2. What’s a mix of sun and clouds?
    a) Sunny
    b) Partly cloudy
    c) Overcast
    d) Stormy
  3. What weather condition involves a rapid drop in temperature and freezing rain?
    a) Snowstorm
    b) Sleet
    c) Heatwave
    d) Tornado
  4. What’s ice falling during a storm?
    a) Hailstorm
    b) Tornado
    c) Blizzard
    d) Cyclone
  5. What’s a colorful arc after rain and sun?
    a) Sun halo
    b) Rainbow
    c) Solar eclipse
    d) Lunar eclipse
  6. What’s fast air movement?
    a) Breezy
    b) Foggy
    c) Overcast
    d) Showery
  7. What’s dark clouds with thunder and lightning?
    a) Thunderstorm
    b) Rainy
    c) Sunny
    d) Partly cloudy
  8. What type of weather features calm winds and clear skies?
    a) Breezy
    b) Foggy
    c) Sunny
    d) Overcast
  9. What’s a large rotating column of air from a thunderstorm?
    a) Tornado
    b) Cyclone
    c) Hurricane
    d) Typhoon
  10. What’s strong winds with dust or sand?
    a) Dust storm
    b) Snowstorm
    c) Heatwave
    d) Thunderstorm
  11. What’s heavy snowfall with strong winds?
    a) Blizzard
    b) Hailstorm
    c) Tornado
    d) Tsunami
  12. What’s reduced visibility due to tiny water droplets?
    a) Fog
    b) Drizzle
    c) Sleet
    d) Mist
  13. What’s a long period with little rainfall?
    a) Drought
    b) Monsoon
    c) Flood
    d) Heatwave
  14. What’s thunder and lightning without rainfall?
    a) Thunderstorm
    b) Lightning storm
    c) Dry thunderstorm
    d) Electrical storm
  15. What’s a sudden burst of wind with thunderstorms?
    a) Squall
    b) Gale
    c) Tornado
    d) Cyclone


Weather Vocabulary Mcqs Worksheets and Exercises
Weather Vocabulary Worksheets


Weather Vocabulary Worksheet and Exercises. Write Names of Each Type of Weather
Weather Vocabulary Exercises with Answers


Weather Vocabulary Worksheet 2

Order the Following Sentences.

  1. Snowfall/ might/ expect/ tomorrow/ we.
  2. Rain/ is/ heavily/ outside/ it’s.
  3. Morning/ this/ foggy/ is/ it.
  4. Thunderstorm/ a/ later/ might/ have/ we .
  5. Clear/ the/ sky/ and/ blue/  is.
  6. Breeze/ with/ chilly/ feels/ it.
  7. Warm/ and/ is/ sunny/ today.
  8. Blowing/ gently/ is/ wind/ the.
  9.  Is/ beautifully/ setting/ sun/ the.
  10. Hot/ day/ will/ be/ it/ looks/ like.
Weather Vocabulary Worksheets and Exercises. Order the Following Sentences of Weather Vocabulary
Weather Vocabulary Worksheets


Weather Vocabulary Worksheet and Exercises. Match the Picture with the Names of Weather
Weather Vocabulary Exercises

Answer of Worksheet 1:

  1. a) Rainy
  2. b) Partly cloudy
  3. b) sleet
  4. a) Hailstorm
  5. b) Rainbow
  6. a) Breezy
  7. a) Thunderstorm
  8. c) sunny
  9. a) Tornado
  10. a) Dust storm
  11. a) Blizzard
  12. a) Fog
  13. a) Drought
  14. c) Dry thunderstorm
  15. a) Squall

Answer of Worksheet 2:

  1. Today is warm and sunny.
  2. It’s raining heavily outside.
  3. It’s foggy this morning.
  4. We might have a thunderstorm later.
  5. The sky is clear and blue.
  6. It feels chilly with the breeze.
  7. We might expect snowfall tomorrow.
  8. The wind is blowing gently.
  9. The sun is setting beautifully.
  10. Looks like it will be a hot day ahead.

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