36 Popular Hat Styles for Women and Their Names

Hat styles Names for women Infographics
Hat styles Names for women Infographics

There are many Hat Styles for Women that can make any outfit look better. Hats like ‘Wide Brim’ or ‘French Beret’ add a fancy touch, while ‘Bobble Hat’ and ‘Beanie’ are more for fun looks. Knowing these Women Hat Styles can really make your outfits stand out. Each hat has its own look and feel, perfect for different times and places. Hats aren’t just useful; they show off your style and make your clothing choices even more special.

Popular Hat Styles for Women

Straw Fedora
A Straw Fedora is a stylish hat great for sunny days out or casual events. They are on-trend, with a brim that shades the eyes and face. Made of woven straw, they have a medium brim and indented top.Straw Fedora

Panama Hat
The Panama Hat is perfect for vacations or outdoor summer events. It’s trendy, with a classic look made from light, breathable straw. Its shape features a dent on top and a wide brim for sun protection.

Panama Hat

Derby Felt
The Derby Felt hat, often seen at formal gatherings or horse races, is a traditional style. Made of smooth felt, it has a rounded top and a short brim and often comes in dark, elegant colors.

Fascinator Hat
Fascinators are the go-to for weddings or high tea. A current trend in formal wear, these are decorative headpieces, often with feathers or flowers, attached to a band or clip, not covering the whole head.

Fascinator Hat


Cloche Hat
The Cloche Hat, with its bell shape, is vintage-inspired and suited for dressy events. Made of felt or wool, it fits close to the head and often has a small brim, making it a timeless piece.

Cloche Hat

Boater Hat
Ideal for spring and summer outings, the Boater Hat is made of stiff straw with a flat top and brim. It’s recognized for its classic, straight shape and is often accessorized with a ribbon.

Boater Hat

Trapper Hat
A Trapper Hat is great for cold weather, known for its warmth. It’s made with insulating materials like faux fur and has ear flaps. It’s a functional hat with a rounded shape, keeping trends in cozy attire.

Trapper Hat

Bowler Hat
The Bowler Hat, once a British staple, is a hard felt hat with a rounded crown. It’s best for semi-formal occasions, made of sturdy materials, and maintains its popularity with its unique, curved shape.

Bowler Hat
Bowler Hat – Hat Styles for Women

Bobble Hat
A fun, casual choice, the Bobble Hat is knit with a playful pom-pom on top. It’s trendy in colder months, made of wool or acrylic, and comes in a rounded, snug shape for keeping warm.

Bobble Hat - Types of Hats

Beanies are casual and widely popular, especially in colder seasons. They’re knit caps, fitting closely to the head and made of warm materials like wool, with a simple, stretchy shape for comfort.

Bucket Hat
The Bucket Hat is great for casual wear or outdoor activities. It’s back in style, made of cotton or canvas, with a downward-slanting brim and a soft, floppy shape that’s easy to pack.

Sun Hat
Sun Hats are essential for beach days or gardening. They’re made with wide brims from straw or lightweight fabrics to protect from the sun, with a relaxed shape that’s both functional and fashionable.

Boonie Hat
Designed for outdoor adventures, the Boonie Hat offers practicality with its wide brim. Made of durable cotton, it has a loose fit and is easily foldable, often with a chin strap to stay put.

Lifeguard hats, ideal for pool or beach duty, are made to block the sun with their wide brims. They’re usually straw hats, with a sturdy shape and sometimes feature a logo or guard insignia.

Cowgirl Hat
Cowgirl Hats are for western-themed events or country music concerts. Made of straw or felt, they have a wide brim and high crown, fitting the western trend with a distinctive, curved brim shape.

Baseball Cap
Baseball Caps are for casual days or sports events. They’re made of cotton or polyester, with a rounded crown and a stiff peak projecting in front. They’re universally popular, with an adjustable shape.


The Fez is often worn for cultural events, known for its distinctive flat-topped, conical shape. Made of felt, it’s a traditional hat without a brim, usually in red with a tassel attached to the top.

Newsboy Cap
Newsboy Caps fit casual or vintage-inspired looks. Made of wool or tweed, they have a full, rounded body with a small brim in front, echoing early 20th-century fashion with a relaxed, slouchy shape.

Floppy Hat
Floppy Hats are for beach trips or boho-chic outfits. They have a wide, flexible brim and are made from soft, felt material, offering a laid-back style with their oversized, wavy shape.

Beach Hat
Beach Hats, perfect for sunny vacations, are made from straw or light fabrics to keep you cool. They have wide brims for shade and a relaxed shape, often with a ribbon or bow for extra style.

Hat styles Names for women
Learn Popular Hat styles Names for women

Wide Brim
Wide Brim hats are elegant and suited for outdoor formal events or garden parties. They are made of materials like straw or felt, offering a wide, protective brim for the sun, and come in a floppy or structured shape that adds a chic touch to any outfit.

Veiled Hat
A Veiled Hat is a sophisticated choice for dressy occasions. It’s often made with fine, decorative netting and elegant materials like lace or silk. The shape is usually fitted, with the veil adding a touch of mystery.

Bandana Hat
Bandana Hats are perfect for casual wear or outdoor activities, offering a laid-back style. Made from soft cloth, they fit snugly on the head and tie at the back, adapting the shape of traditional bandanas for a cool, comfortable feel.

Half Hat
The Half Hat is for those who love vintage fashion. It’s a small, clip-on hat that sits at the back of the head, often made of felt or decorative fabrics. Its shape covers less but adds a classic flair.

Top Hat
Top Hats are formal and make a statement at fancy dress events. Made from glossy, stiffened material like silk or felt, they have a tall, flat crown and a narrow brim, showing a timeless and sharp silhouette.

Trilby hats are trendy for casual outings or jazz events. They have a short brim and are made from felt or straw, with the back brim turned up and the front down, offering a cool, fashionable shape.

Rain Hat
Rain Hats are practical for wet weather, usually made from waterproof materials like vinyl. They have a wide brim to keep the rain off and come in a variety of shapes, from bucket-style to cloche.

Sailor Hat
Sailor Hats add a nautical touch to outfits, often seen at seaside or summer events. They are made from canvas or cotton and have a flat, round top with an upturned brim, embodying a playful, maritime shape.

Riding Hat
Riding Hats are for equestrian activities, ensuring safety and style. They are usually made from hard materials to protect the head and have a rounded shape with a small brim, often with a harness to keep them in place.

Breton Hat
The Breton Hat is for sunny outdoor events, known for its wide brim that tilts up. It’s often made of straw or lightweight fabrics, providing shade and style with its distinct, upward-sloping shape.

French Beret
French Berets offer a touch of European flair and are suited for everyday wear. Made of wool or felt, they have a soft, round shape and can be tilted to one side, giving a classic, artsy look.

Conical Hat
Conical Hats are often used for sun protection in gardens or while hiking. They are made of straw and have a high, pointed top with a wide brim, known for their traditional, functional conical shape.

Fancy Hat
Fancy Hats are perfect for special occasions like tea parties or weddings. They come in elaborate designs with feathers, bows, and beads, made from luxurious materials and have unique shapes that make a bold fashion statement.

Safari Hat
The Safari Hat is your adventure companion for outdoor explorations or travel. Typically made of breathable canvas, it has a medium to wide brim and a pinched crown, providing both protection and style in natural shades.

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