Men’s Haircut Names with Pictures

Men's Haircut Names with Pictures

Men’s Haircut Names! Knowing the Names of Different Hairstyles for Men in English is helpful not just for describing people but also when you go to a hair salon in an English-speaking country. If you want a specific haircut, it’s essential to explain what you’re looking for. In this part, we’ll learn easy words for Types of Men’s Haircuts, and having these words can make it easier to talk about how you want your hair or to describe someone else.

Types of Haircuts

A hairstyle is how you style your hair on your head or even how you shape your beard. It’s like giving your hair a special look. People do this to make themselves look good and follow trends, but sometimes they also do it because of practical or cultural reasons. So, how you decide to style your hair is not just about looking nice, but it can also be influenced by what’s practical, what’s popular, and what’s part of your culture. It’s like a way of taking care of yourself and looking good.

Men’s Haircut Names

List of  Men’s Haircut Names along with brief descriptions:

Crew Cut
This is a classic short haircut. The hair is trimmed short all over the head, but it’s slightly shorter on the sides and back. It’s a neat and tidy look.

Buzz Cut
This is one of the shortest haircuts. A machine, called clippers, is used to give a very short, uniform length all over the head. It’s almost like a shaved look but with a tiny bit of hair left.

This style is characterized by short sides and back, while the top has noticeably longer hair. The contrast between the top and the sides is what makes this style stand out.

A retro style where the hair is combed up and back, giving volume and height on the top. It’s a bold look that requires some hair products to maintain the lift.

It’s somewhat similar to the pompadour. However, the hair on top is more textured and can look a bit messy. It’s a blend of the pompadour and a modern messy look.

In this style, the hair gradually gets shorter as it goes down the sides and back, creating a “fading” effect. It’s a smooth transition from long to short.

Taper Fade
This is a variation of the fade where the transition from long to short hair is more gradual and subtle. It’s a blend of the classic taper and fade.

High and Tight
A military-inspired look where the sides and back are cut very short, almost shaved, while the top has a bit more length but is still quite short.

Comb Over
Hair is combed to one side. It’s a versatile style and sometimes used by men to cover areas where the hair might be thinning.

Slicked Back
As the name suggests, hair is combed and styled straight back. It gives a clean, polished appearance and is often paired with an undercut or fade on the sides.

Side Part
This is a classic style where the hair is neatly parted to one side. Depending on the length on top, it can be combed flat or given some volume.

Faux Hawk
Inspired by the Mohawk, this style has a strip of longer hair running down the center of the head, but it’s less extreme. The sides can be short or faded.

Ivy League / Princeton Cut
A refined version of the crew cut. The hair is short but has a bit more length on top, allowing for a slight comb-over or part.

Man Bun
For those with longer hair, it’s gathered and tied into a bun at the back of the head. It’s a trendy style that can be casual or polished.

Hair is sectioned and twisted into long, ropelike strands. It’s a commitment as it requires hair to grow and mat over time.

A completely shaved head with no hair. It’s a bold and low-maintenance choice.

Caesar Cut
A short haircut where the hair on top is layered and has a straight horizontal fringe. It’s named after Julius Caesar.

Business in the front, party in the back! The hair is short in the front and sides but left long in the back.

Top Knot
Similar to a man bun, but the hair is tied in a knot on the very top of the head.

Disconnected Undercut
A more extreme version of the undercut. There’s a clear and sharp contrast between the long hair on top and the shaved or very short sides.

French Crop
A short, textured haircut with a slightly longer fringe in the front. It’s a modern and edgy look.

Sweep Back
Hair is combed and styled backward, but there’s no defined parting. It’s a relaxed version of the slicked-back style.

Spiky Hair
Short hair that’s styled upwards into spikes using hair products like gel or wax. It’s a playful and youthful look.

Bowl Cut
The hair is cut in a straight line all around the head, resembling the shape of a bowl. It’s a retro style that’s made a comeback in recent years.

Choppy Layers
The hair is cut into short, uneven layers, giving a textured and rugged appearance.

Surgical Line
A design or pattern that’s shaved into the hair, often on the sides. It adds a unique touch to various hairstyles.

Textured Crop
The top is kept short and textured, while the back and sides can be faded or tapered.

Classic Taper
The hair gradually reduces in length from top to bottom, but it maintains a clean and traditional appearance.

Curly High Top Fade
This style is for those with curly hair. The top is styled high and full of curls, while the sides gradually fade down. It’s a blend of vintage and modern.

Modern Pompadour
A fresh take on the classic pompadour. While it retains the volume on top, it often incorporates more texture and sometimes a fade on the sides.

Shaggy Cut
A laid-back style with longer, tousled hair that gives a relaxed, messy appearance. It’s reminiscent of the ‘rockstar’ look.

Low Fade
This fade starts lower on the head, keeping more hair volume on top. It’s a subtler version of the traditional fade.

Curtains Haircut
The hair is parted in the middle and falls on either side of the face, resembling curtains. It’s a ’90s style that has seen a resurgence.

Wavy Fringe
For those with wavy hair, this style features a longer fringe in the front that showcases the natural waves.

Temple Fade
This fade begins at the temples, giving a clean and sharp look. It’s often combined with other hairstyles on top.

Sleek Caesar Cut
A refined version of the Caesar cut where the hair is styled for a smooth and polished finish.

Tousled Taper
The sides are tapered, and the top is left slightly messy and tousled, giving a casual yet stylish appearance.

Afro Fade
A combination of the natural afro hairstyle with a fade on the sides. The top is rounded and full, while the sides transition smoothly.

Hard Part
A defined and often shaved line or parting in the hair. It adds a touch of detail to many hairstyles.

Angular Fringe
This haircut features a fringe that’s cut at an angle, giving a contemporary and edgy look.

Braided Man Bun
The hair is braided, often in multiple sections, and then gathered into a bun at the back.

Mohawk Fade
A fusion of the mohawk and fade. The central strip of hair is left longer, resembling a mohawk, while the sides are faded.

Mid-Fade Pompadour
A pompadour style combined with a mid-level fade on the sides. It’s a blend of classic and modern.

Classic Side Sweep
Hair is elegantly combed to the side, giving a timeless and sophisticated appearance.

Long Undercut
The top is left significantly longer, flowing and often slicked back, while the sides and back are undercut or shaved.

Messy Taper Cut
A traditional taper cut but with a deliberately messy and textured top for a more relaxed vibe.

Angular Crop
A haircut with short, angular layers that give a modern and sharp appearance.

Slicked Back Undercut
An undercut style where the longer hair on top is slicked straight back, giving a contrast between the sleek top and short sides.

Low Taper with Comb Over
The sides are tapered, and the longer hair on top is combed over, often to one side.

Disconnected Pompadour
A pompadour style where there’s a clear separation or “disconnection” between the voluminous top and the shorter sides.

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Types of Men’s Haircut
Types of Men’s Haircut

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