Category - Picture Vocabulary

Learn English vocabulary through pictures and visuals to make English learning easier and quicker. A picture worth a thousand words, said by wise people. Pictures play the greatest role in learning any language, we start learning by observing things around us, the same thing we do from our childhood, and we learn any language easily.

A picture is a worth thousand words!

This is a famous adage said by some sage, We sometimes have to say a lot to convey our message or idea, but the same thing can be done by just showing a picture, I’ll try to correlate the same concept here. When we learn English vocabulary, we try to learn it from our native/mother language to English language but if we do the same thing by learning through pictures or visuals we can memorize it for longer even if the pictures used properly, we never forget the concepts or names of those things. Picture vocabulary particularly helps to learn the names of different things.

Picture Vocabulary is a must for kids!

Kids learn English through visuals very fast, So, we are here help cutie pies. Help your kids learning English by printing the worksheets and vocabulary charts today.