Weapons Vocabulary Words with Pictures

Weapon Vocabulary
Weapon Vocabulary

In this post, we talk about Weapons Vocabulary. Knowing different Weapons names helps us understand more about them. It’s not just about what they are called, but also about their history and use. This knowledge simplifies discussions and learning about weapons, the military, armed forces, and defense topics, making everything more understandable.

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Weapons Names in English

Number Weapons Name Pictures
1 Ammo Ammo
2 Atom Bomb Atom Bomb
3 Ахе Ахе
4 Bomb Bomb
5 Bullwhip Bullwhip
6 Bullet Bullet
7 Cannon Cannon
8 Flintlock Flintlock
9 Grenade Grenade
10 Landmine Landmine
11 Rocket Rocket
12 Scythe Scythe
13 Gun Gun
14 Halberd Halberd
15 Missile Missile
16 Helicopter Helicopter
17 Tank Tank
18 Submarine Submarine
19 Bayonet Bayonet
20 Baton Baton
21 Ballista Ballista
22 Blaster Blaster
23 Bazooka Bazooka
24 Sword Sword
25 Sniper Sniper
26 Warship Warship
27 Flail Flail
28 Harpoon Harpoon
29 Howitzer Howitzer
30 Binocular Binocular
31 Bombard Bombard
32 Knife Knife
33 Pistol Pistol
34 Aircraft Aircraft
35 Revolver Revolver
36 Rifle Rifle
37 Bow Arrow Bow Arrow
38 Helmet Helmet
39 Shield Shield
40 Jet Jet

Weapons Vocabulary with Description

Learn weapons vocabulary words with short description in simple words:

  • Ammo: Short for ammunition, it refers to the bullets or shells used in guns or other weapons.
  • Atom Bomb: A very powerful explosive device that releases energy through nuclear reactions.
  • Axe: A tool with a sharp blade used for cutting wood or sometimes as a weapon.
  • Bomb: A device designed to explode and cause damage or destruction.
  • Bullwhip: A long, flexible whip traditionally used for driving cattle.
  • Bullet: A small, metal projectile fired from a gun.
  • Cannon: A large, heavy piece of artillery used to fire projectiles at long distances.
  • Flintlock: An old-fashioned type of firearm that uses a flint striking mechanism to ignite the gunpowder.
  • Grenade: A small explosive device typically thrown by hand.
  • Landmine: A hidden explosive device placed in the ground to injure or kill people or vehicles passing over it.
  • Rocket: A self-propelled device that can fly through the air or outer space.
  • Scythe: A farming tool with a long, curved blade used for cutting grass or crops.
  • Gun: A weapon that fires bullets or shells.
  • Halberd: A pole weapon with an axe blade and a spike, used by foot soldiers in medieval times.
  • Missile: A self-propelled projectile designed to be fired from a launcher.
  • Helicopter: A type of aircraft that can hover in place and fly vertically.
  • Tank: A heavily armored military vehicle with tracks, armed with guns and cannons.
  • Submarine: A watercraft capable of traveling underwater, often used in military operations.
Weapons Vocabulary Words
Weapons Vocabulary Words

Learn More Weapons Vocabulary Words

  • Bayonet: A blade attached to the muzzle of a rifle for use in close combat.
  • Baton: A short, heavy stick or club used as a weapon or for controlling crowds.
  • Ballista: An ancient missile launcher that operated using torsion springs.
  • Blaster: A fictional weapon often seen in science fiction movies or games, typically shooting energy bolts.
  • Bazooka: A portable, shoulder-fired rocket launcher.
  • Sword: A long-bladed weapon used for cutting or thrusting.
  • Sniper: A skilled marksman who shoots from a concealed position, often using a rifle.
  • Warship: A heavily armed and armored ship used in warfare.
  • Flail: A weapon consisting of a spiked metal ball attached to a handle by a chain.
  • Harpoon: A spear-like weapon used for hunting or fishing, typically thrown by hand or fired from a gun.
  • Howitzer: A type of artillery gun characterized by its short barrel and high trajectory.
  • Binocular: A device with two telescopes mounted side by side, used for viewing distant objects.
  • Bombard: To attack with bombs or artillery.
  • Knife: A sharp-edged tool or weapon used for cutting or stabbing.
  • Pistol: A small firearm designed to be held and fired with one hand.
  • Aircraft: Any machine capable of atmospheric flight, including airplanes, helicopters, and drones.
  • Revolver: A type of handgun with a rotating cylinder containing multiple chambers for bullets.
  • Rifle: A firearm with a rifled barrel, designed for accurate long-range shooting.
  • Bow and Arrow: A weapon consisting of a curved piece of wood (bow) and a straight projectile (arrow), used for shooting.
  • Helmet: A protective covering for the head, often worn by soldiers or motorcyclists.
  • Shield: A piece of armor held in the hand or worn on the arm to protect against weapons.
  • Jet: A type of aircraft propelled by jet engines, capable of high speeds.

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