100 Winter Words List with Pictures PDF

Winter Vocabulary Words
Winter Vocabulary Words

Winter is a special time of the year when the weather gets cold, and we see snow and ice. It’s a beautiful season with many unique words to describe what we see and feel. In this article, we will share a list of winter vocabulary words, along with pictures, to help you learn and understand these words easily. Let’s explore the beauty of winter with our list of winter vocabulary words. Learn and understand words like snow, ice, blizzard, and more.

Winter Vocabulary Words List with Pictures

Here is the list of winter vocabulary words in English with Pictures:

Number Winter Word Picture
1 Snow Snow
2 Ice Ice
3 Cold Cold
4 Freezing Freezing
5 Blizzard Blizzard
6 Snowflake Snowflake
7 Icicle Icicle
8 Earmuffs Earmuffs
9 Boots Boots
10 Coat Coat
11 Hat Hat
12 Gloves Gloves
13 Scarf
14 Mittens Mittens
15 Snowman
16 Snowball Snowball
17 Ice skating Ice skating
18 Fireplace Fireplace
19 Blanket Blanket
20 Penguin Penguin
21 Snow Suit Snow Suit
22 Snow Angel
23 Sled Sled
24 Igloo Igloo
25 Fog Fog
26 Dew Drops Dew Drops
Winter Vocabulary Words
Winter Vocabulary Words

Winter Vocabulary Words with Short Description 

Learn more about winter vocabulary words with pictures and short descriptions below:

  • Icicle: A long, thin piece of ice that hangs down from something, like a roof.

  • Jacket: A short coat worn over other clothing, usually to provide warmth in cool weather.

  • Melt: To change from a solid to a liquid state due to an increase in temperature, as snow or ice does when it gets warmer.

  • Quilt: A thick, padded blanket made by stitching together layers of fabric, often used for warmth.

  • Chimney: A vertical structure or pipe used to expel smoke and gases from a fireplace or stove.

  • Fog: A thick cloud close to the ground, made up of tiny water droplets.

  • Hibernate: To spend the winter in a dormant or inactive state, as some animals do to conserve energy.

  • Muffler: A scarf or cloth worn around the neck or face for warmth.

  • Christmas: A Christian holiday celebrated on December 25th, often associated with winter festivities and traditions.

  • Polar bear: A large, white bear native to the Arctic regions, adapted to cold climates.

  • Shawl: A large piece of fabric worn around the shoulders or head for warmth or decoration.

  • Slide: To move smoothly over a surface, often on snow or ice, by gliding or slipping.

  • Woolen cap: A hat made from wool, worn to keep the head warm in cold weather.

  • Snowflake: A small, delicate piece of snow that falls from the sky.

  • Blanket: A large piece of fabric used to keep warm, often placed on beds or wrapped around the body.

  • Hail: Pellets of frozen rain that fall from the sky during thunderstorms, often in colder weather.

  • Freezing: Extremely cold, causing things to turn into ice.

  • Mattress: A large, soft pad for sleeping on, usually placed on a bed frame.

  • Cold: When the temperature is very low, making you feel chilly.

  • Snow: Soft, white frozen water that falls from the sky in cold weather.

  • Blizzard: A severe snowstorm with strong winds and limited visibility.

  • Ice: Hard, frozen water.

  • Sled: A small vehicle used for sliding downhill over snow or ice.

  • Penguin: A type of bird that lives in cold climates and has black and white feathers.

  • Snow Suit: A full-body suit worn for protection from cold and snow.

  • Fireplace: A place in a house where a fire can be built for warmth or cooking.

  • Boots: Shoes that cover your feet and ankles, often made to keep your feet dry and warm in snow or rain.

  • Influenza: A contagious respiratory illness commonly known as the flu, often more prevalent during colder months.

  • Coat: A warm piece of clothing that you wear over your other clothes to stay warm in cold weather.

  • Snowball: A ball made of snow, often thrown in play or used in snowball fights.

  • Mittens: Like gloves but with one section for all the fingers together, keeping the fingers warmer.

  • Gloves: Coverings for your hands, with separate sections for each finger.

  • Hat: A covering for your head, often worn to keep warm.

  • Sweater: A warm, knitted garment worn over other clothing to provide warmth.


  • Socks: Garments worn on the feet and ankles, often made of wool or cotton to keep the feet warm.

  • Scarf: A long piece of fabric worn around the neck for warmth.

  • Earmuffs: A pair of warm coverings that you wear over your ears to keep them warm.

  • Igloo: A dome-shaped house made of blocks of snow, traditionally used by Inuit people.

  • Snowman: A figure made of packed snow, usually shaped like a person.

  • Ice skating: Gliding on ice with special shoes called ice skates.

  • Firewood: Pieces of wood used for burning in a fire, often in a fireplace to provide warmth.

Winter Vocabulary Words with Urdu Meanings

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