Gardening Tools Name in English with Infographics

Gardening Tools Name in English with Images
Gardening Tools Name in English with Images

Gardening is a beautiful hobby that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. To make your gardening experience more enjoyable, it is essential to have the right tools. Gardening tools are necessary to help you loosen soil, plant flowers, trim hedges, and maintain your garden’s health. In this article, we will learn some common garden tools name and related vocabulary with their images.

Garden Tools Names in English

Garden Tools Name Picture



garden bucket
pruning saw
Garden fork
boots boots, Garden Tools Vocabulary
grass sickle
flowerpot flowerpot, Garden Tools Vocabulary
gloves gloves, Garden Tools Vocabulary
hoe hoe, Garden Tools Vocabulary
grass grass, Garden Tools Vocabulary
flower bed flower bed, Garden Tools Vocabulary
hose hose, Garden Tools Vocabulary
hedge shear
lawn mover
gardening bag
watering can

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Garden Tools Vocabulary with images and Flashcards


Garden Tools Names and Uses

  1. Shovel: A tool with a flat blade and a long handle used for digging, moving soil, and planting.
  2. Rake: A tool with teeth or tines used for collecting leaves, debris, and leveling soil.
  3. Hoe: A tool with a flat blade perpendicular to the handle, used for breaking up soil, weeding, and cultivating.
  4. Pruner (Pruning Shears): Handheld cutting tools used for trimming and shaping plants, bushes, and trees.
  5. Trowel: A small, handheld tool with a pointed scoop, used for planting, digging small holes, and transplanting.
  6. Garden Fork: Tool with multiple prongs used for loosening and turning soil, as well as lifting and dividing plants.
  7. Wheelbarrow: A small cart with one wheel and handles, used for transporting soil, plants, and other materials.
  8. Watering Can: Container with a spout used for watering plants with a controlled flow of water.
  9. Garden Gloves: Protective gloves worn while working in the garden to prevent cuts, blisters, and contact with thorns or chemicals.
  10. Secateurs (Pruning Snips): Handheld cutting tools with scissor-like blades, used for precision pruning and deadheading.
  11. Garden Hose: Flexible tube used for watering plants, cleaning surfaces, and various garden tasks.
  12. Garden Tiller: Machine used for breaking up and preparing soil for planting by turning and loosening the ground.
  13. Garden Kneeler: A padded bench that can be flipped to serve as a kneeler, providing comfort while gardening.
  14. Garden Sprayer: Device used to apply pesticides, fertilizers, or water to plants in a controlled manner.
  15. Garden Prong (Cultivator): Tool with multiple curved tines, used for loosening soil and breaking up clumps.
  16. Edging Shears: Scissor-like shears used to trim grass edges, keeping lawns neat and tidy.
  17. Garden Apron: Protective garment worn while gardening to keep tools, seeds, and other essentials at hand.
  18. Leaf Blower: Equipment that uses air to blow leaves and debris off paths, driveways, and garden beds.
  19. Garden Twine: Strong string used for tying plants to supports, trellises, and stakes.
  20. Garden Cart: Wheeled cart used for hauling heavy items, such as soil, mulch, and plants.
  21. Garden Cultivator: Handheld tool with prongs or blades, used for loosening soil, weeding, and aerating.
  22. Garden Riddle (Soil Sieve): A mesh tool used to sift soil, removing debris and creating a fine, even texture.
  23. Planting Dibber: Tool with a pointed end, used for making holes in soil for planting seeds or seedlings.
  24. Garden Scissors: Small, sharp scissors used for trimming delicate plants and flowers.
  25. Bypass Loppers: Large cutting tools with long handles and bypass blades, used for cutting thicker branches.
  26. Garden Wire: Flexible wire used for training plants to trellises, supporting heavy branches, and more.
  27. Garden Scoop: Handheld tool with a curved blade, used for scooping and moving soil, compost, and mulch.
  28. Garden Sprinkler: Device that emits water in a spray pattern to irrigate lawns and garden areas.
  29. Weeder: Handheld tool with a forked end, used for removing weeds by loosening and lifting them from the ground.
  30. Garden Knife: Sharp, multi-purpose tool used for cutting, dividing plants, and opening bags of soil or compost.
  31. Garden Wire Ties: Flexible wire ties used for securing plants to supports and trellises.
  32. Garden Stake: Wooden or metal stick inserted into the ground to support plants as they grow.
  33. Leaf Rake: Wide tool with fan-like teeth, used for gathering leaves, grass clippings, and debris.
  34. Garden Sprayer Wand: Extendable nozzle used for precise spraying of water, fertilizers, or pesticides.
  35. Garden Mulch Fork: Tool with wide, flat prongs, used for spreading mulch evenly over garden beds.
  36. Garden Edger: Tool used to create clean, defined edges between lawns and garden beds.
  37. Garden Tool Belt: Belt with pockets to hold small tools and supplies while gardening.
  38. Garden Trimmer: Electric or battery-operated tool used for shaping and trimming bushes and hedges.
  39. Garden Soil Thermometer: Tool used to measure the temperature of soil, aiding in planting and germination.
  40. Garden Netting: Mesh fabric used to protect plants from pests and birds while allowing light and air to pass through.

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