Wh Questions Exercises with Answers

Wh-Questions Exercises

Using Wh Questions Exercises is a great way to get better at asking questions in English. These exercises are found in Wh Questions Worksheets. They help you learn how to use words like who, what, when, where, why, and how. This makes it easier for you to understand others and share your own ideas. Practicing with these worksheets can make talking and listening in English a lot more fun and easy.

Wh Questions Exercises

Wh Questions Exercise 1

Complete the Sentences with Correct Wh-Questions.

  1. ____ is coming to the party tonight?
  2. ____ did you eat for breakfast this morning?
  3. ____ is the nearest grocery store?
  4. ____ does the movie start?
  5. ____ are you feeling sad?
  6. ____ did you learn to play the guitar?
  7. ____ won the race?
  8. ____ are you studying in school?
  9. ____ did you go on vacation last year?
  10. ____ is your birthday?
  11. ____ are the flowers wilting?
  12. ____ can I improve my cooking skills?
  13. ____ called you on the phone?
  14. ____ is your favorite book?
  15. ____ did you park your car?
  16. ____ will the rain stop?
  17. ____ did the computer crash?
  18. ____ did you solve the math problem?
  19. ____ is your best friend?
  20. ____ does the concert end?
  21. ____ are my keys?
  22. ____ is the next train arriving?
  23. ____ did you choose this restaurant?
  24. ____ did you get here so fast?
  25. ____ is in charge of the project?

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Wh-Questions Exercises and Worksheets. 25 Fill in the Blanks using Wh Questions
Wh-Questions Exercises

Wh Questions Exercise 2

Answer of the Following Wh-Questions.

  1. Who is cooking dinner tonight?
  2. Whom did you meet at the park?
  3. Where did you buy those shoes?
  4. When is your birthday?
  5. Why are you smiling?
  6. What’s your favorite color?
  7. Where do you work?
  8. Who is your best friend?
  9. Which dress should I wear?
  10. What’s for breakfast?
  11. Whose pen is on the desk?
  12. What’s the weather like today?
  13. Where’s the remote control?
  14. When do you usually go to bed?
  15. Why did you choose that shirt?
Wh-Questions Worksheets and Exercises. Answer of the Following Wh-Questions
Wh-Questions Worksheets

Wh Questions Exercise 3

Choose the Correct Option.

  • ______________ is responsible for taking out the trash?

A) What             B) Whom             C) Where              D) Why

  • ______________ do you usually keep your keys?

A) Who             B) Which              C) When                D) Whose

  • ______________ is typically served for breakfast?

A) Why              B) What              C) How                   D) Whose

  • ______________ won the Nobel Prize in Literature last year?

A) What             B) When             C) Where                D) Who

  • ______________ do people wear sunglasses?

A) Why              B) Whose           C) What                  D) When

  • ______________ instrument is played by blowing into it?

A) Which           B) When             C) Whom               D) Why

  • ______________ responsibility is it to wash the dishes?

A) Who             B) What               C) Where              D) Whose

  • ______________ do you use to write on paper?

A) Whose         B) What               C) When               D) Where

  • ______________ do people usually go to buy groceries?

A) Which           B) Whom             C) Where             D) When

  • ______________ do you usually celebrate your birthday?

A) What             B) Why                C) When              D) Where

  • ______________ do people wear hats in the sun?

A) What             B) Why                C) Whose            D) Where

Wh-Questions Mcqs Exercises and Worksheets. Choose the Correct Option from WH Words
Wh-Questions Exercises

Answer of Exercise 1:

Who:- 1,7,13,19,25

what:- 2,8,14,20

Where:- 3,9,15,21,

When:- 4,10,16,22

Why:- 5,11,17,23

How:- 6,12,18,24

Answer of Exercise 2:

  1. I am cooking dinner tonight.
  2.  Sarah
  3. I bought these shoes at the mall.
  4. on August 15th.
  5. Because I just got good news.
  6.  blue.
  7. software company.
  8. Alex.
  9.  red dress.
  10. Pancakes and eggs.
  11. The pen on the desk belongs to Sarah.
  12. hot.
  13. on the coffee table.
  14.  around 10 PM.
  15. Because it’s comfortable and matches my pants.

Answer of Exercise 3:

  • B) Whom
  • C) Where
  • B) What
  • D) Who
  • A) Why
  • A) Which
  • D) Whose
  • B) What
  • C) Where

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