Present Indefinite Tense Worksheets and Exercises

Present Indefinite Tense is a grammatical tense used to describe actions that are happening right now or regularly occurring actions. It is one of the simplest and most commonly used tenses in the English language. In this tense, the action is expressed as a simple statement of fact, without any indication of whether the action is ongoing or completed.

How to make Present Indefinite Tense:

Positive Sentences:

Subject + Verb(+-s/es for he, she, it)+Rest of the Sentence.

For third person singular subjects (he, she, it), you add -s to regular verbs and -es to verbs ending in -s, -x, -z, -sh, and -ch. This modification does not apply to I, you, we, they, or plural subjects.


  • I play tennis.
  • She works in an office.

Negative Sentences:

Subject+ Do not/Does not+ Verb+ Rest of the Sentence. 


  • I do not play chess.
  • He does not  eat meat.



  • Do you like ice cream?
  • Does she know the answer?
10+ Sentences of Present Indefinite Tense. Present Indefinite Tense Worksheet and Exercises in English.
Present Indefinite Tense in English

Present Indefinite Tense Exercises:

Exercise 1: Complete the Sentences with Correct form of Verb

  1. I eat breakfast every morning.
  2. She works at a local hospital.
  3. They read books in the library.
  4. He plays the guitar beautifully.
  5. The sun rises in the east.
  6. I always brush my teeth before bed.
  7. She dances like nobody’s watching.
  8. They usually watch movies on weekends.
  9. My father drives to work every day.
  10. We often visit our grandparents.
  11. The chef cooks delicious meals.
  12. Birds sing in the morning.
  13. He never misses his morning coffee.
  14. The train arrives on time.
  15. She always wears a smile.
  16. We clean the house on Saturdays.
  17. The teacher teaches mathematics.
Present Indefinite Tense Worksheet in negative form
                                                                       Do not and Does not
Present Indefinite Tense Worksheet in Interrogative form.
                                                                                            Do or Does

Exercise 2: Choose the Correct option.

  1. Does she like to swim in the evening?
  2. Do they have a dog as a pet?
  3. Does he play the piano in his free time?
  4. Do you know the answer to this question?
  5. Does it rain often in this region?
  6. Do we have class tomorrow?
  7. Does she live near the city center?
  8. Do they play soccer every weekend?
  9. We do not live in a big house.
  10. She does not speak three languages fluently.
  11. They do not always go for a walk in the evening.
  12. He does not usually drink tea in the afternoon.
  13. I do not work in an office downtown.