Future Indefinite Tense Worksheets and Exercises with Answers

Future Indefinite Tense Worksheets and Exercises
Future Indefinite Tense Worksheets

Get ready to learn about the Future Indefinite tense with our easy-to-follow Future Indefinite tense worksheets. These worksheets are like practice exercises that help you understand how to talk about things happening in the future. We’ve also included answers so you can check your work. These worksheets are made for learning in a simple way. They have everything you need to improve your English skills. Start your journey to better grammar and communication right here with our helpful resources.

Future Indefinite tense Worksheets

Worksheet 1:Fill in the blanks with Future Indefinite form of the verb.

  1. Tomorrow, I __________ (eat) pizza for dinner.
  2. Next week, she __________ (visit) her grandparents.
  3. They __________ (watch) a movie on Friday.
  4. The sun __________ (rise) in the morning.
  5. I believe he __________ (win) the game.
  6. We __________ (have) a picnic next Sunday.
  7. She __________ (read) a new book soon.
  8. They __________ (buy) a new pet next month.
  9. The cat __________ (catch) a mouse tomorrow.
  10. I __________ (meet) my friend after school.
  11. Next year, we __________ (travel) to the beach.
  12. The teacher __________ (give) a quiz on Monday.
  13. The flowers __________ (bloom) in spring.
  14. We __________ (plant) a tree in the garden.
  15. He __________ (learn) to ride a bike.
  16. The kids __________ (play) in the park tomorrow.
  17. We __________ (cook) dinner for the family.
  18. The train __________ (arrive) at 3 PM.
  19. I __________ (start) a new job next month.
  20. She __________ (dance) at the party.
  21. The company __________ (launch) a new product.
  22. They __________ (visit) a museum on Saturday.
  23. He __________ (run) a race next weekend.
  24. The bird __________ (sing) in the morning.
  25. I am sure he __________ (pass) the exam.
25 Sentences using Future Indefinite Tense Worksheets. Fill in the blanks with Future indefinite tense Worksheet.
Future Indefinite Tense Worksheet

Worksheet 2:Choose the Correct Option.

  • By next year, she ____________ fluent in French.

a) will be        b) is       c) was      d) are

  • They ____________ to the new office building next month.

a) moves      b) moving        c) will move       d) moved

  • We ____________ a picnic if the weather is good.

a) having        b) will have      c) have      d) had

  • The train ____________ at 3:30 PM tomorrow.

a) will leave     b) leaves      c) leaving      d) leave

  • By the time you arrive, we ____________ dinner.

a) will finish      b) finish       c) finishing       d) finished

  • She ____________ her project by the end of the week.

a) will complete      b) completing      c) completes      d) complete

  • They ____________ a family reunion next summer.

a) will plan      b) plans       c) planning      d) plan

  • The company ____________ a new product in the market next month.

a) introduces      b) introducing        c) will introduce       d) introduce

  • I think he ____________ you at the party tomorrow.

a) will meet        b) meets      c) meeting        d) met

  • By the time the movie ends, it ____________ midnight.

a) will be      b) is       c) being       d) was

  • She ____________ her exams in June.

a) passing      b) passes      c) will pass      d) passed

  • We ____________ the new house keys tomorrow.

a) will get      b) get     c) getting      d) gets

  • The students ____________ a field trip next week.

a) go     b) going      c) will go      d) went

  • By this time next year, I ____________ my degree.

a) will complete      b) complete       c) completing       d) completes

  • The project ____________ if we don’t start working on it now.

a) fails     b) fail      c) will fail      d) failing


25 Mcqs using Future Indefinite Tense Worksheets. Choose the Correct option.
Future indefinite tense worksheet

Worksheet 3: Rewrite Sentences in negative and interrogative form.

  1. Tomorrow, I will play with my friends.
  2. She believes he will come to the party.
  3. We will watch a movie on Friday night.
  4. He thinks it will rain later.
  5. I’m sure they will visit us next week.
  6. The cat will sleep all day.
  7. We will eat pizza for dinner.
  8. The sun will rise in the morning.
  9. They will go to the park on Sunday.
  10. She will buy a new dress soon.
  11. I will learn to swim next summer.
  12. The dog will bark at strangers.
  13. We will have ice cream for dessert.
  14. He will read a book tonight.
  15. The baby will crawl soon.
25 Sentences using Future indefinite tense worksheet. Rewrite Sentences in Negative and Interrogative form.
Future indefinite tense worksheet

Answer of Worksheet 1:

  1. will eat
  2. will visit
  3. will watch
  4. will rise
  5. will win
  6. will have
  7. will read
  8. will buy
  9. will catch
  10. will meet
  11. will travel
  12. will give
  13. will bloom
  14. will plant
  15. will learn
  16. will play
  17. will cook
  18. will arrive
  19. will start
  20. will dance
  21. will launch
  22. will visit
  23. will run
  24. will sing
  25. will pass

Answer of Worksheet 2:

  • a) will be
  • c) will move
  • b) will have
  • a) will leave
  • a) will finish
  • a) will complete
  • a) will plan
  • c) will introduce
  • a) will meet
  • a) will be
  • c) will pass
  • a) will get
  • c) will go
  • a) will complete
  • c) will fail
  • c) will have
  • c) will set
  • a) will cancel
  • d) will reach
  • a) will win

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