Present Continuous Tense Worksheets and Exercises with Answers

Present Continuous Tense Worksheets and Exercises
Present Continuous Tense Worksheets

Present Continuous Tense Worksheets are a great resource for learning English. These sheets help you practice talking about actions that are happening right now. They are perfect for students who want to get better at using the present continuous tense correctly. Each worksheet gives clear examples and exercises that make learning easy and fun. By using these worksheets, students can improve their English speaking and writing skills. If you’re learning English, using these worksheets is a smart way to get good at present continuous tense.

Present Continuous Tense Worksheets

Worksheet 1: Complete the Sentences with suitable helping verbs

  1. I ____________ a book right now.
  2. He ____________ basketball with his friends.
  3. They ____________ a movie together.
  4. We ____________ dinner for the family.
  5. The cat ____________ on the couch.
  6. She ____________ an email to her colleague.
  7. He ____________ on a project for school.
  8. They ____________ to Paris next week.
  9. I ____________ Spanish online.
  10. She ____________ to her friend on the phone.
  11. He ____________ for the bus at the station.
  12. The baby ____________ because he _________.
  13. I ____________ at the gym every morning.
  14. My parents ____________ us next month.
  15. The children ____________ in the park after school.
  16. They ____________ a concert tonight.
  17. I ____________ a cake for the party.
  18. She ____________ a beautiful dress.
  19. He ____________ to his boss on the phone.
  20. We ____________ a vacation next month.
  21. The dog ____________ its tail in the yard.
  22. I ____________ my sister with her homework.
15+ Sentences of present continuous Tense. present continuous Tense Worksheets and Exercises.
Present Continuous Tense Worksheets

Worksheet 2: Rewrite the Sentences in negative and interrogative form

She is reading a book

  • She is not reading a book.
  • Is she reading a book?

They are playing soccer in the park.

  • They are not playing soccer in the park.
  • Are they playing soccer in the park?

He is studying for his exams.

  • He is not studying for his exams.
  • Is he studying for his exams?

We are watching a movie tonight.

  • We are not watching a movie tonight.
  • Are we watching a movie tonight?

I am typing an email.

  • I am not typing an email.
  • Am I typing an email?
 Sentences of present continuous Tense in negative and interrogative form. present continuous Tense Worksheets and Exercises.
Present Continuous Tense Worksheets

Answers of Worksheet 1

  1. am reading
  2. is playing
  3. are watching
  4. are preparing
  5. is sleeping
  6. is writing
  7. is working
  8. are traveling
  9. am learning
  10. is talking
  11. is waiting
  12. is crying, is hungry
  13. go
  14. are visiting
  15. are playing
  16. are attending
  17. am baking
  18. is wearing
  19. is talking
  20. are planning
  21. is wagging
  22. am helping

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