Has Have Worksheets and Exercises With Answers

20+ Sentences using Has or Have Worksheets. How to use Has or Have in Sentences Worksheets
Has or Have Worksheets

Using Has Have Worksheets is a simple way to get better at using “has” and “have” in sentences. These sheets give you practice in figuring out when to use each word correctly. By doing Has Have Exercises, you learn how to talk about things you own or things that are true for someone. This makes your English clearer and helps you say exactly what you mean in everyday conversations.

Has Have Worksheets

Has Have Worksheets 1

Fill in the blanks using has have.

  1. She __________ a red bicycle.
  2. The cat __________ a fluffy tail.
  3. We __________ three apples in the basket.
  4. He __________ a big smile on his face.
  5. The flowers __________ a lovely fragrance.
  6. I __________ a new book to read.
  7. The sun __________ already set.
  8. They __________ a playful puppy.
  9. My sister __________ a collection of stamps.
  10. The computer __________ a bright screen.
  11. The teacher __________ a kind heart.
  12. We __________ tickets for the concert.
  13. The car __________ a full tank of gas.
  14. The sky __________ turned dark.
  15. He __________ a talent for drawing.
  16. The clock __________ stopped ticking.
  17. The restaurant __________ a diverse menu.
  18. I __________ a busy schedule today.
  19. The movie __________ an interesting plot.
  20. She __________ a green umbrella.
  21. The baby __________ a cute laugh.
  22. We __________ a picnic in the park.
  23. The team __________ a strong defense.
  24. He __________ a loud voice.
  25. The house __________ a cozy fireplace.

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has or have exercises and worksheets with Answers
Has Have Worksheets and Exercises

Has Have Worksheets 2

Choose the correct option.

  • The team  (has / have)  a new coach this season.
  • My sister and I (has / have)  a secret handshake.
  • The box of chocolates  (has / have)  a variety of flavors.
  • The project  (has / have)  several challenges to overcome.
  • The committee  (has / have)  not yet reached a decision.
  • Our family  (has / have)  a tradition of celebrating birthdays together.
  • The movie  (has / have)  an unexpected twist in the plot.
  • The new smartphone  (has / have) innovative features.
  • The class  (has / have) a test every Friday.
  • The students  (has / have) a field trip next week.
  • The company   (has / have)  a reputation for excellent customer service.
  • The recipe  (has / have)  a list of ingredients.
  • The children  (has / have) a lot of energy to burn.
  • The book on the shelf  (has / have) an interesting cover.
  • The website  (has / have) a helpful FAQ section.
has or have Worksheet and Exercises. Has Have Mcqs Worksheet
has or have Worksheet and Exercises

Answers of worksheet 1:

has:-  1,2,4,7,9,10,11,13,14,15,16,17,19,20,21,23,24,25

have:-  3,5,6,8,12,18,22

Answers of worksheet 2:

  • has
  • have
  • has
  • has
  • has
  • has
  • has
  • has
  • has
  • have
  • has
  • has
  • have
  • has
  • has

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