Was Were Worksheets and Exercises with Answers in English

Was or Were Worksheets. Use of Was Were in Sentences.
Was or Were Worksheets

Was Were Worksheets are a simple yet effective way to learn about past tense in English. These worksheets teach the difference between ‘was’ and ‘were’ – two important words used for things that happened before now. By using Was Were Worksheets, you can practice and understand when to use each word correctly. This is great for anyone learning English and wanting to speak and write better. These worksheets make learning fun and easy, helping you to use ‘was’ and ‘were’ right every time. They are perfect for improving your English grammar skills.

Was Were Worksheets

Worksheet 1: fill in the blanks using was or were.

  1. The sun _____ shining brightly in the sky.
  2. There _____ three apples in the basket.
  3. Last night, I _____ watching my favorite TV show.
  4. The students _____ excited about the upcoming field trip.
  5. The weather _____ perfect for a picnic.
  6. My friends and I _____ at the beach all day.
  7. The cake _____ delicious, and everyone enjoyed it.
  8. Yesterday, it _____ Monday.
  9. The keys to the car _____ on the kitchen counter.
  10. The movie _____ longer than I expected.
  11. There _____ many people at the concert.
  12. The cat _____ sleeping on the couch.
  13. We _____ surprised by the unexpected news.
  14. The toys _____ scattered across the living room floor.
  15. It _____ a cold winter morning.
  16. The flowers in the garden _____ blooming beautifully.
  17. She _____ at the store when I saw her.
  18. Last year, we _____ on a memorable vacation.
  19. The cookies _____ a special treat for the guests.
  20. The baby’s first words _____ “mama” and “dady.”
  21. The mountain peaks _____ covered with snow.
  22. The house _____ quiet when I arrived.
  23. The birds _____ chirping in the trees.
  24. The computer _____ slow and needed an upgrade.
  25. There _____ no clouds in the sky.

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25 sentences using was or were worksheet. was or were worksheet.
Was or Were worksheets


Worksheet 2: Choose the correct option.

  • Yesterday, there _____ a lot of people at the party.

A) was           B) were

  • The cat and the dog _____ playing in the garden.

A) was           B)were

  • It _____ a cold and snowy day last winter.

A)was            B) were

  • The books on the shelf _____ arranged neatly.

A) was           B) were

  • There _____ no messages on the answering machine.

A) was          B) were

  • The children _____ excited about the trip to the zoo.

A) was          B) were

  • Last night, there _____ a beautiful full moon.

A)was          B) were

  • The sun _____ shining brightly in the morning.

A) was         B) were

  • The team _____ happy with their performance.

A)was         B) were

  • She _____ reading a book when I saw her.

A) was        B) were

  • The cookies on the plate _____ delicious.

A) was        B) were

  • The movie _____ longer than expected.

A) was        B) were

  • The keys to the car _____ on the table.

A) was        B) were

  • The flowers in the garden _____ in full bloom.

A) was         B)were

  • It _____ a foggy morning when we woke up.

A)was          B) were

Was or Were Worksheets. 15+ Mcqs of Was or Were Worksheets. Choose the Correct Option
Was Were Worksheets

Answers of Worksheet 1:

was :-  1,3,5,7,8,10,12,14,17,22,24

were :-  2,4,6,9,11,13,15,16,18,19,20,21,23,25

Answers of Worksheet 2:

  • were
  •  were
  •  was
  •  were
  •  was
  •  were
  •  was
  •  was
  •  was
  •  was
  •  were
  •  was
  •  were
  •  were
  •  was

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