Conjunctions Worksheets and Exercises With Answers in English

Conjunction Worksheets. Coordinating Conjunction Worksheets
Conjunction Worksheets

Conjunctions Worksheets are great for learning English easily. They help you understand how to join words or groups of words in sentences. With these worksheets, you learn about different types of conjunctions like ‘and’, ‘but’, or ‘because’. They make your writing better by showing you how to link ideas. Using Conjunctions Worksheets, you start making longer, clearer sentences. This is very important for speaking and writing well in English. These worksheets are perfect for anyone who wants to get better at English grammar.

Conjunctions Worksheets

Worksheet 1: fill in the blanks with appropriate conjunctions.

  1. I want to go to the park _____ the weather is nice.
  2. She likes both tea _____ coffee.
  3. He is tired _____ he wants to finish the project.
  4. The cat is sleeping _____ the dog is playing.
  5. We can go to the movies _____ stay home and watch TV.
  6. I can’t decide _____ I should wear the red or blue dress.
  7. She is good at math _____ she struggles with English.
  8. I studied hard _____ I passed the exam.
  9. He is not only a musician _____ also a painter.
  10. The car is old _____ it still runs well.
  11. I have a test tomorrow _____ I need to study.
  12. They are going on a vacation _____ they haven’t decided the destination.
  13. The cake was delicious _____ it was too sweet.
  14. I like to read _____ my sister prefers to watch movies.
  15. She can swim _____ she cannot dive.
  16. He will come to the party _____ he has finished his work.
  17. I will call you later _____ I am done with my chores.
  18. The movie was boring _____ the popcorn was good.
  19. I can play the guitar _____ I cannot play the piano.
  20. She is tall _____ her brother is short.
  21. The sun is shining _____ the birds are singing.
  22. I want to eat ice cream _____ it’s cold outside.
  23. We can have pizza for dinner _____ we can cook pasta.
  24. He likes to jog _____ he doesn’t like to lift weights.
  25. You can either come to the party _____ stay home.

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25 Sentences of Conjunctions Worksheet.
Conjunctions Worksheets

Worksheet 2:Choose the correct option.

  • I enjoy both playing basketball _____ soccer.

A) and     B) but     C) or      D) nor

  • She is not only a talented singer _____ also a skilled dancer.

A) but     B)  and     C)  or     D) so

  • I will come to the party _____ I finish my work on time.

A) but     B) so      C) or       D) yet

  • You can have cake _____ ice cream for dessert.

A) but    B)and     C)or      D) so

  • He is tired _____ he wants to go for a run.

A) or       B) yet    C) so    D) but

  • She prefers to read books _____ watch movies.

A)and     B) but    C) or    D) so

  • I want to go to the beach, _____ my friends want to go to the mountains.

A)and     B) but   C) or     D) so

  • The sun was shining _____ the temperature was very low.

A) or      B) yet    C) so      D) but

  • He likes both science fiction novels _____ mystery novels.

A) and     B) but    C) or     D) nor

  • I have a dog _____ a cat as pets.

A) and     B) but    C) or    D) so

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Choose the Correct option in Conjunctions Worksheet.
Conjunctions Worksheets

Worksheet 3:Circle the Conjunction in each Sentences.

  1. I like tea, but my friend prefers coffee.
  2. It’s raining outside, so I’ll take an umbrella.
  3. He is smart, yet he struggles with math.
  4. She is going to the store, and I will join her later.
  5. I want to travel, so I’m saving money.
  6. The sun is shining, but it’s still cold.
  7. I have a dog, and my sister has a cat.
  8. You can have pizza or pasta for dinner.
  9. I’m tired, yet I want to finish this book.
  10. I have a test tomorrow, so I need to study.
  11. He likes both rock and jazz music.
  12. I want to go to the party, but I have work to do.
  13. She is good at soccer, whereas her brother excels in tennis.
  14. The movie was boring, yet the popcorn was delicious.
  15. I can play the guitar, or I can play the piano.

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Circle the conjunctions in sentences. Conjunctions Worksheet.
Conjunction Worksheets

Answers of Worksheet 1

  1. because
  2. and
  3. because
  4. while
  5. or
  6. whether
  7. but
  8. so
  9. not only
  10. but
  11. so
  12. but
  13. though
  14. while
  15. but
  16. once
  17. when
  18. but
  19. but
  20. while
  21. and
  22. even though
  23. or
  24. but
  25. or

Answers of Worksheet 2

  • A. and
  • B. and
  • B. so
  • C. or
  • D. but
  • B. but
  • C. or
  • D. but
  • A. and
  • A. and

Answers of Worksheet 3

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