Past Perfect Tense Worksheets

Improve your English with our simple Past Perfect Tense Worksheets. These sheets are perfect for learning how to talk about actions that were finished before other past actions. With clear examples and helpful exercises, you can practice and understand this tense easily. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refresh your skills, these worksheets are a great resource for getting to grips with the past perfect tense. Use them to build your confidence in English grammar.

Past Perfect Tense Worksheets

Worksheet 1: Fill in the blanks with Appropriate form of the verbs given in bracket.

  1. After I ____________ (eat) dinner, I went to bed.
  2. By the time he arrived, she ____________ (already/leave) the party.
  3. They ____________ (never/be) to that restaurant before last night.
  4. She ____________ (finish) her homework before she went to the movies.
  5. I realized I ____________ (forget) my keys at home when I reached the office.
  6. By the time they ____________ (reach) the station, the train ____________.
  7. He ____________ (read) the book before he watched the movie adaptation.
  8. The children ____________ (clean) their room before their parents came home.
  9. She ____________ (live) in Paris for five years before she moved to London.
  10. I ____________ (visit) the museum after I ____________ about it in a travel guide.
  11. By the time the guests arrived, the host ____________ (prepare) a delicious meal.
  12. They ____________ (study) the lesson before the teacher explained it in class.
  13. After he ____________ (repair) the car, it worked perfectly.
  14. She ____________ (already/see) the movie, so she didn’t want to watch it again.
  15. By the time we got to the beach, the sun ____________ (set).
  16. After they ____________ (finish) the project, they celebrated their success.
  17. I ____________ (read) all the books in the series before the new one was released.
  18. She ____________ (never/travel) abroad until last summer.
  19. By the time I arrived at the party, most of the guests ____________ (leave).
  20. He ____________ (buy) a new car after he had saved enough money.
  21. They ____________ (visit) several countries before they decided to settle down.
  22. After she ____________ (complete) her degree, she found a job in her field.
  23. I ____________ (meet) him once before I saw him at the party.
  24. By the time they ____________ (arrive) at the airport, the flight ____________.
  25. After they ____________ (watch) the movie, they discussed its plot in detail.

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15+ Sentences of Past Perfect Tense Worksheets. How to use Past Perfect Tense in Sentences.
Past Perfect Tense Worksheets

Worksheet 2: Rewrite Sentences in Negative and Interrogative form.

She likes to read books.

  •  She does not like to read books
  •  Does she like to read books?

 They play football in the park.

  •  They do not play football in the park.
  •  Do they play football in the park?

 He eats breakfast every morning.

  •  He does not eat breakfast every morning.
  •  Does he eat breakfast every morning?

 We go to the beach during summer vacation.

  •  We do not go to the beach during summer vacation.
  •  Do we go to the beach during summer vacation?

 I enjoy listening to music.

  •  I do not enjoy listening to music.
  •  Do I enjoy listening to music?


5 Sentences of Past Perfect Tense Worksheets in Negative and Interrogative form.
Past Perfect Tense Worksheets-Negative or Interrogative form

Answers of Worksheet 1:

  1. had eaten
  2. had already left
  3. had never been
  4. had finished
  5. had forgotten
  6. reached, had already left
  7. had read
  8. had cleaned
  9. had lived
  10. had visited, had read
  11. had prepared
  12. had studied
  13. had repaired
  14. had already seen
  15. had set
  16. had finished
  17. had read
  18. had never traveled
  19. had left
  20. had bought
  21. had visited
  22. had completed
  23. had met
  24. arrived, had already departed
  25. had watched

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