Action Verbs Worksheets and Exercises with Answers in English

Action Verbs Worksheets and Exercises
Action Verbs Worksheets

Our Action Verbs Worksheets are here to help you get better at English. These worksheets are like guides that show you words about doing things. They make learning words more interesting. With these worksheets, you’ll learn words that show action. These words make your sentences more lively and clear. The worksheets are made to be easy and useful, so you can understand and use these words better. Start improving your English with our helpful Action Verbs Worksheets today.

Action Verbs Worksheets

Worksheet 1: Circle the Action Verbs in each of the Following Sentences

  1. The dog barked loudly.
  2. She carried a big bag.
  3. He cut the fruit.
  4. Kids laughed and played.
  5. He ran fast.
  6. She built a puzzle.
  7. Waves hit the shore.
  8. Flowers grew in the garden.
  9. The car drove through traffic.
  10. She danced happily.
  11. Workers built a house.
  12. He painted a picture.
  13. The teacher explained well.
  14. A bird flew in the sky.
  15. A mechanic fixed the car.
  16. A firefighter saved a cat.
  17. The singer sang loudly.
  18. Hikers climbed a mountain.
  19. A scientist did experiments.
  20. The goalie stopped a shot.
Action Verbs Worksheets. Circle the Action verbs to each of the following Sentences.
Action Verbs Worksheets


Action Verbs Worksheets. Look at the Picture and Write Correct Verbs.
Action Verbs Worksheets

Worksheet 2:Fill in the Blanks with the help of Action verbs

  1. The cat __________ on the window sill.
  2. The chef __________ soup in the pot.
  3. The baby __________ on the floor.
  4. The dog __________ at the mail carrier.
  5. The sun __________ in the sky.
  6. The boy __________ his bike.
  7. The teacher __________ a story.
  8. The gardener __________ the plants.
  9. The bird __________ in the tree.
  10. The car __________ down the road.
  11. The children __________ in the park.
  12. The mom __________ dinner.
  13. The student __________ their name.
  14. The firefighter __________ water.
  15. The baby __________ at its reflection.
  16. The athlete __________ around.
  17. The cat __________ on the couch.
  18. The artist __________ a picture.
  19. The rain __________ from the sky.
  20. The girl __________ to the music.

Action verbs Worksheets. Fill in the Blanks with the help of Action verbs.

Answer of Worksheet 1:

  1. barked
  2. carried
  3. cut
  4. laughed, played
  5. ran
  6. built
  7. hit
  8. grew
  9. drove
  10. danced
  11. built
  12. painted
  13. explained
  14. flew
  15. fixed
  16. saved
  17. sang
  18. climbed
  19. did
  20. stopped

Answer of Worksheet 2:

  1. jumped
  2. stirred
  3. crawled
  4. barked
  5. shone
  6. rode
  7. read
  8. watered
  9. sang
  10. drove
  11. played
  12. cooked
  13. wrote
  14. sprayed
  15. smiled
  16. ran
  17. purred
  18. drew
  19. fell
  20. danced

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