Present Perfect Tense Worksheets and Exercises with Answers

20 Sentences using Present Perfect Tense Worksheets. how to use Present Perfect Tense in Sentences.
Present Perfect Tense Worksheets

The present perfect tense worksheets and exercises is a great resource for both teachers and students who want to get better at English grammar. This special tense connects the past and the present, and sometimes it can be tricky to understand. But with a present perfect tense worksheets, learning becomes much easier and more fun.

In these worksheets, you will find different types of exercises like filling in the blanks or changing sentences. These activities help to show all the ways you can use the present perfect tense. Learners get to practice what they know and see how this tense works in real sentences.

What’s great about a present perfect tense worksheet is that it also gives clear examples and explanations. This makes sure that everyone can understand and use this tense correctly. So, whether you are in a classroom or learning on your own, this worksheet is a helpful tool for improving your English skills.

Present Perfect Tense Worksheets

Present Perfect Tense Worksheet 1

Fill in the blanks with the Present Perfect verb form.

  1. She _______ Paris several times.
  2. They _______ sushi before.
  3. He _______ his homework.
  4. I _______ in this city for ten years.
  5. We _______ that book already.
  6. Mary _______ to many countries in Europe.
  7. John _______ to the new museum yet.
  8. How long _______ you English?
  9. She _______ that movie before.
  10. By the time we arrived, the party _______ already.
  11. I _______ to a concert before.
  12. They _______ from their trip.
  13. He _______ his project successfully.
  14. She _______ dinner for the whole family.
  15. We _______ the Grand Canyon.
  16. The movie _______ already.
  17. They _______ their work yet.
  18. I _______ rock climbing.
  19. She _______ several awards for her performances.
  20. They _______ around the world.
20 sentences using present perfect tense Worksheet
Present Perfect Tense Worksheet and exercises

Present Perfect Tense Worksheet 2

Choose the Correct option

1. She __________ her homework already.

a) did       b) does      c) has done         d) do

2. They __________ to Paris last summer.

a) will go      b) has gone        c) have gone       d) went

3. He __________ a new job recently.

a) get      b) gets      c) got      d) has got

4. We __________ that movie before.

a) watched     b) watch      c) has watched     d) have watched

5. By the time I arrived, they __________.

a) left    b) leaves    c) leaving    d) has left

6. I __________ my keys.

a) lost    b) lose    c) has lost    d) have lost

7. She __________ in this city for five years.

a) live    b) living    c) lived       d) has lived

8. They __________ the book yet.

a) didn’t read     b) doesn’t read     c) hasn’t read      d) don’t read

9. He __________ his breakfast already.

a) ate      b) eats     c) has eaten      d) eat

10. I __________ that restaurant before.

a) visit     b) visiting     c) visited       d) has visited

Present Perfect Tense Worksheets and Exercises. 15+ Mcqs using Present Perfect Tense Worksheets
Present Perfect Tense Worksheets

Present Perfect Tense Worksheet 3

Rewrite Sentences in negative and interrogative form.

She has visited Paris several times.
  • She has not visited Paris several times.
  • Has she visited Paris several times?

They have never eaten sushi before.

  • They have never eaten sushi before.
  •  Have they never eaten sushi?
He has just finished his homework.
  • He has not just finished his homework.
  • Has he just finished his homework?
I have lived in this city for ten years.
  • I have not lived in this city for ten years.
  • Have I lived in this city for ten years?
We have read that book already.
  • We have not read that book already.
  • Have we read that book already?
5+ Sentences of Negative and Interrogative form of present perfect tense. How to make negative and interrogative of present perfect tense. Present Perfect Tense Worksheets and Exercises
Present Perfect Tense Worksheets

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