How to Use WH Words with Ever in English Sentences

WH - Words with Ever in English

What the words starting with WH and ending with ever mean and how to use them in daily life is quite confusing for most ESL speakers. The WH words with suffixes are used in empathetic and vague situations.
The simple game is to remember that we use Whichever for option, whenever for time, wherever for a place, whatever for anything or everything (it does not matter what), and whoever for a person. Visit our website to learn the use of WH words with every example.


جب کھبی

Whenever did you find time to do it?


کھیں بھی

Wherever you want is okay.



The tips are  however  not sustainable.


جس کسی

I will not call whatsoever that I know.


جسے بھی

Give it to whomever you please.


جو کچھ بھی

I’ll try to do whatever is right.


جو بھی

Take whichever you like best.


جو بھی

It admitted no fault whatsoever.

Ever suffix words with Sentences


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