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Road and Traffic Signs with Picture and Expalination

Road Signs Pictures and Meanings

As a responsible citizen, you must know what it means by the regulatory, temporary, warning, and guiding rules of. These are not just colored signs with different shapes but a guarantee for the safety of all pedestrians, drivers, and road users. We have illustrated every sign with its shape, color, and meaning to help minimize the risk of accidents on roads. Let’s learn traffic rules and interpret the message they convey to us from our website to save ourselves and our city fellows.

style="color: #ff0000;"> Roundabout




1.  This sign means that a circular road is ahead where multiple roads meet.

Road narrows on 





2. This sign means multiple tracks converge to form less number of tracks.

Hump Back Bridge 





3.  This sign means a steep bridge is ahead.

Horse Riders 





4. This sign indicates an area where horse riders are present.

Height Restriction





5. This sign is for bigger vehicles which can not pass through the height barrier or an under pass.

Falling  Rocks 





6. This sign is in mountaineous areas where there is a risk of landsliding.

Slipprey Road 





7. This shows that the road is slippery and the vehicle must be slowed down.

Children Crossing 





8. This sign awares the driver of zebra crossing especially where children cross the road.






9. This shows the area where flock of sheep is present.






10. This shows the area where herd of cattle is present.

Cattle Grid






11. This shows that a cattle grid is ahead which is to prevent the cattle from wandering off.

Steep hill Downwords 





12. This awares the driver of a steep downward hill so he slows down.

Steep Hill upwords





13. This awares the driver of a steep upward hill so he  accelerates.

Danger Place





14. This warns about some danger area.






15.  This means multiple roads intersection at a place.

Intersection 2 





16. This shows that a minor road intersects a bigger road.

Traffic Signs Pictures and Meanings






17. This indicates the turn.

Double bend





18. This shows the Z- shaped road/ multiple turns.

Two ways traffic





19. This means that traffic is along both ways.

Mobile bridge





20. This means a mobile bridge is ahead so the driver must be careful.

Traffic lights





21.  This is an indicator of traffic lights which a driver must abide by.

Pedestrain crossing 





22. This shows the presence of zebra crossing.

Road work





23.  This means that some road work is going on.

Back up 





24.  This sign means that some private property is ahead and the vehicle should back up/ reverse.

Give way 





25. This sign means that the vehicles should give way to other vehicles first and then move.






26. This indicates the crossing of two roads.






27. This is a signal for the vehicle to stop and wait.






28.  This sign means that a circular road is ahead where multiple roads meet.

Cycle track 





29. This shows that the track is reserved only for bicycles.

Pass this side


30. This sign directs the way.

Direction are followed 





31. The directs the way to be followed.

One way street 





32. This shows that a road is only for one way traffic.

Traffic Signs Pictures with Names

No entry 





33. This sign indicates the no entry area.

No entry both 





34.  This means no vehicle and no person is allowed.

No pedestrains





35. This  restricts the entry of pedestrians.

No voice





36.  This restricts the don’t horan vehicals allowed.

No smoking 





37. This means no smoking is allowed.

No goods vehicles





38. This sign is for the restriction of heavy vehicles carrying goods.

Maximum length





39. This awares the driver of the maximum length of the place soa large vehicle doesn’t get stucked.

No Cycling





40. This sign indicates no entry for bicycles such as highways.

No parking 





41. This sign is to stop both the cars and bikes from entrring.

No horse ridding 





42. This restricts the horse carrying vehicles.

No overtaking





43. This is to restrict  overtaking of cars.

No u turn





44. This is to stop from taking u- turns.

No vehicles carrying





45. This is to stop the entry of vehicles carrying.

Slippery road





46. This sing is indicate the road ahead is slippery.

No towed caravans





47. This restricts the horse carrying vehicles.

No camping 





48. This sing is indecate camping is not allowed.

20 Road Signs and Their Meaning