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Road Accident Essay | Traffic Accident Essay with PDF

Road Accident Essay

Road Accident Essay

There are road accidents in the city daily. One day I became a victim of a road accident myself. I was travelling with my uncle on a motorbike.

It was a rainy day. It was still drizzling while we were going on the road. My uncle is expert in riding a motorbike. In fact, he has been riding it for twenty years. Besides being an expert, he is also a very cautious person.

My uncle knew that roads become slippery after rain. He was, therefore, very careful in riding. We were going at a medium speed. On a turn there was an oil leakage. My uncle could not see it in advance. Our bike slipped, and both of us fell off on the road.

Luckily the vehicles coming from behind were also slow because of a turn ahead. I got up at once. My uncle limped for a while and then he also became all right. A lot of people came for our help. It was a minor accident. Our clothes got dirty and we returned home.

Road accidents are very common in big cities. There are various reasons for accidents. For instance, there is more traffic on the roads. There are some drivers who drive rashly. There are other drivers who are addicted to drugs or narcotics, even there are some who are not expert in driving. Besides, fast and rash driving contributes to road accidents. We should be very careful and attentive while driving on the roads. We can avoid road accidents if we ourselves are attentive and also cautious of others’ faults who are also driving on the roads.

Road Accident Essay PDF
Road Accident Essay PDF

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