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Environmental Pollution Essay in English

environmental pollution article in English

Environmental Pollution Essay

Pollution means making something dirty. Environmental pollution means making the environmental dirty, it includes air, water, soil etc. If our surrounds are clean or unpolluted, life is safe but if it is dirty or polluted, life is in danger. Our present world faces this problem awareness about it but now it is increasing. Now the people and the government of the world are realizing the hazards of pollution There are so many reasons of pollution

  • Sounds of aircraft, ships, trains, machine and human crowds.
  • Use of chemicals, particularly the use of petrol and gases.
  • Smokes, causing smokes by the factories or other machine.
  • Cutting of jungles and trees also causes pollution.
  • Throwing garbage here and there and into the seas and rivers.
  • Using machine at large scale.

Man should get rid of pollution, otherwise human life on the earth will become a question mark. We should take these measures in this regard:

  • The use of machine must be minimized.
  • Loud and noisy sound and voices should be controlled, like the loud sound of machines and loudspeakers.
  • We should protect forests and number of trees and plants should be increased. The hobby of plantation should be encouraged.
  • The use of those things or machine that produce smoke should be reduced.
  • We should avoid throwing garbage here and there and into the waters.
  • Awareness about pollution and its hazards in the public should be roused.
Environmental Pollution Essay
Environmental Pollution Essay

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