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A Visit to A Zoo Essay in English 300 Words

Learn A Visit to A Zoo Essay in English 300 Words for class 5th, 8th, and 10th for high marks. Memorize the visit to Zoo Essay and get high marks on your board.

A Visit to A Zoo

Last week I, with the students of all Classes, made a program to visit the Zoo.

We took permission from our parents and Master/Principal, who very gladly allowed it. The sportsman in charge of the school/ college was the leader of the party. He took a bus and instructed us to be present till 08.00 A.M. The whole night was spent arranging foods and other items. Before 08.00 A.M. I reached the school/college. The Sport In charge arrived with a bus and we got into it. After a while, the bus started. The bus was smoothly running on the road and we were enjoying to see them

At about 09.00 A. M. we reached the main gate of the Zoo. We if got down from the bus and the Sports In charge purchased tickets.

I After that we entered in the Zoo. There was great rush of children and women. However, we collected our Lunch Boxes, Tape Recorders and other things and kept aside. A peon was left to guard them. We walked in the Zoo and became too much delighted to see different types of birds, pea cocks and swans. When we went before the cages of tigers, one of our friends became nervous to see the tigers. We rode on the elephant. At about 13.00 o’clock, we took our lunch and rested for some time. After that, we enjoyed with the crocodiles.

The visit was too much enjoying Such entertainment makes a student fresh and delighted and we should visit different interesting! Place at least twice a year. This gives more knowledge and awareness of such things which are not known.

We returned home at evening.

A Visit to A Zoo Essay in English 300 Words


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