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My Best Friend Essay in English 800 Words

My Best Friend

My Best Friend Essay in English

Here is a proverb “A friend in need is a friend indeed.’ in the light of the proverb, friendship does not mean merely meeting, sitting, gossiping and disbursing but it needs selfless love, co-operative nature and sacrificing zeal.            

In the light of the fact, I have selected a friend, named Ahsan/ Afshan. He/She is my best friend. We love each other with the core of heart. Though he/she belongs to a high and rich family, but my poverty did not hinder between our friendship. We became friend Since  we were in class V. Since then, we have been strengthening our  friendship and the students of our class boast on us.

Ahsan/Afshaan has a car and he/she lifts and drops me while i go and return from school. We seat on the same bench and seldom study together. He/she has vast knowledge in English I also have acquired some knowledge of it through his/her co-operation.

He/She is fair in colour, tall, intelligent, smiling and attractive. Every student of our class wishes to come close to him/her, but he-she does not give any lift because he/she knows that every one cannot be a friend indeed.

He/she is indeed very kind hearten and always ready to help me. Though, I feel very shame in letting him/her know about my problems and compulsions, but without telling him/her anything, he\ she knows everything about me and always help me by every possible) means.

I admire, praise and love my friend very much and we both have promised to continue our friendship till life long.

My Best Friend Essay
My Best Friend Essay

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