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My Hobby Essay 1000 Words | Paragraph on My Hobby in English

My Hobby


Hobby is a work which a person does with interest gets much satisfaction and amusement. It is a kind of recreation, a shadow from the scorching beam of the sun, and also gets fruit from it.

There are many kinds of hobbies and we select one of them as per our will and interest. Some have hobbies of collecting postal some collect interesting book of stories, some pet birds, but my hobby is gardening.

I am much interested in gardening since my childhood. I like to see the green velvety grass, different colour of flowers and beautiful plants. So, I have selected a piece of land in my house and planted different kind of flowers. I have planted red rose, yellow and black rose plants and have arranged them one after another. The flowers of.


Queen”, “Jasmine” and “King of day” have filled the atmosphere with attractive fragrance. In the evening my family pass their time in the garden.

I have also planted Guava and Neem trees, which gives shadow from the scorching beam and also get fruit from it. | have also reserved a piece of land for growing vegetables and get different seasonal vegetables.

Though gardening is a hard work and expensive but the hard labour makes my health sound and we get fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers.

I prefer to work in my garden than wasting the time in gossiping or playing games. Gardening is the best exercise also and therefore.

I prefer gardening than playing any game.