Adverbs of Frequency Worksheets and Exercises with Answers

Adverbs of Frequency Worksheets and Exercises. Frequency Adverb Worksheet
Adverbs of Frequency Worksheets

Adverbs of Frequency Worksheets helps you understand how often things happen in English. These worksheets give you tasks to practice using words that tell you how often something occurs. With these worksheets, you can learn about words like “always,” “sometimes,” and “never.” They have different activities to help you understand when to use these words in sentences. Frequency Adverbs Worksheets are useful tools for improving your English skills and understanding how often things happen.

Adverbs of Frequency Worksheets

Adverbs of Frequency Worksheet 1

Look at the Frequency and Choose the Correct Adverb of Frequency

  1. She __________ attends yoga classes.
  2. He __________ watches TV on weekdays.
  3. They __________ visit their grandparents.
  4. We __________ eat out at fancy restaurants.
  5. I __________ go to the gym.
  6. The bus __________ arrives on time.
  7. She __________ finishes her homework before dinner.
  8. He __________ helps his parents with household chores.
  9. They __________ go on vacation.
  10. We __________ have pizza for dinner.
  11. He __________ eats spicy food.
  12. The cat __________ catches mice.
  13. She __________ listens to music while working.
  14. He __________ complains about anything.
  15. We __________ go for a walk in the park.
  16. They __________ play video games on weekends.
  17. The flowers __________ bloom in spring.
  18. They __________ forget their anniversary.
  19. She __________ waters the plants every morning.
  20. He __________ plays basketball in the evenings.
  21. They __________ bake cookies during the holidays.
  22. The birds __________ sing in the morning.
  23. She __________ arrives late for work.
  24. We __________ clean the house on Saturdays.
  25. He __________ takes the dog for a walk.

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Adverbs of Frequency Worksheets and Exercises. Frequency Adverbs Worksheets. Complete the Sentences with Adverbs of Frequency
Adverbs of Frequency Worksheets


Adverbs of Frequency Worksheet 2

Order the Following Sentences.

  1. Often/in/the/morning/I/coffee/drink.
  2. Sometimes/homework/I/before/do/dinner.
  3. Rarely/goes/she/to/bed/early.
  4. Always/she/works/out/after/work.
  5. Never/he/forgets/his/keys.
  6. Often/they/movies/watch/on/weekends.
  7. Seldom/I/go/to/the/gym.
  8. Usually/to/the/park/we/go/on/Sundays.
  9. Always/he/arrives/late/for/meetings.
  10. Sometimes/they/play/soccer/in/the/evening.
  11. Never/she/eats/breakfast/before/work.
  12. Often/they/visit/their/grandparents/on/holidays.
  13. Always/I/do/my/chores/on/Saturdays.
  14. Rarely/they/go/swimming/in/the/afternoon.
  15. Sometimes/we/eat/out/on/special/occasions.

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Adverbs of Frequency Worksheet and Exercises. Frequency Adverb Worksheet. Order the Following Sentences
Adverbs of Frequency Worksheet

Answer of Worksheet 1:

  1. always
  2. often
  3. usually
  4. rarely
  5. sometimes
  6. usually
  7. always
  8. often
  9. sometimes
  10. usually
  11. never
  12. always
  13. often
  14. rarely
  15. sometimes
  16. often
  17. usually
  18. never
  19. always
  20. often
  21. sometimes
  22. always
  23. never
  24. usually
  25. often

Answer of Worksheet 2:

  1. I often drink coffee in the morning.
  2. Sometimes I do homework before dinner.
  3. She rarely goes to bed early.
  4. She always works out after work.
  5. He never forgets his keys.
  6. They often watch movies on weekends.
  7. I seldom go to the gym.
  8. We usually go to the park on Sundays.
  9. He always arrives late for meetings.
  10. They sometimes play soccer in the evening.
  11. She never eats breakfast before work.
  12. They often visit their grandparents on holidays.
  13. I always do my chores on Saturdays.
  14. They rarely go swimming in the afternoon.
  15. We sometimes eat out on special occasions.

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