Animal Sounds Worksheet in English

30+ Animals Sounds Worksheets. Sounds of Animals Worksheets.

Animal Sounds Worksheets and Animals and Their Sounds Worksheets are great tools for young kids. They help kids learn about different animals and the sounds they make. With these worksheets, kids can see pictures of animals and connect them to their sounds. This makes learning fun and easy.

These worksheets cover many animals, from pets at home to wild animals. Kids can match each animal to its sound. This helps them remember the sounds better. It also helps improve their listening skills. Plus, they learn new words and names of animals.

Using Animal Sounds Worksheets and Animals and Their Sounds Worksheets also teaches kids to care for animals. They learn that every animal has its own way of talking. This is important for kids to know. It helps them be kind to all living things.

These worksheets are not just for learning. They are tools that open a world of discovery for kids. They play a big role in helping kids grow and understand the world around them.

So, if you want a fun and easy way for kids to learn about animals and their sounds, these worksheets are perfect. They make learning a joy and help kids in many ways.

Animal Sounds Worksheets

Worksheet 1:Fill in the blanks with appropriate Sounds of Animals

  1. Dogs _____ loudly when they are excited.
  2. Cats _____ softly to get attention from their owners.
  3. Birds _____ melodiously in the early morning.
  4. Roosters _____ at dawn to mark the beginning of a new day.
  5. Cows _____ gently while grazing in the fields.
  6. Horses _____ when they see other horses in the distance.
  7. Pigs _____ enthusiastically when they are fed.
  8. Chickens _____ to communicate with their chicks.
  9. Ducks _____ loudly as they swim in the pond.
  10. Sheep _____ softly as they graze on the hills.
  11. Frogs _____ in the evenings, especially after rain.
  12. Lions _____ mightily to establish their dominance.
  13. Tigers _____ softly to communicate with their cubs.
  14. Elephants _____ loudly to warn the herd of danger.
  15. Monkeys _____ excitedly while swinging from trees.
  16. Snakes _____ when they feel threatened.
  17. Whales _____ beautiful songs deep in the ocean.
  18. Dolphins _____ and whistle to communicate with each other.
  19. Owls _____ softly in the silent night.
  20. Bears _____ when they are agitated.
  21. Eagles _____ loudly as they soar high in the sky.
  22. Seagulls _____ near the beach, searching for food.
  23. Koalas _____ a unique grunting sound in the trees.
  24. Squirrels _____ while they search for nuts.
  25. Raccoons _____ softly as they explore their surroundings.
  26. Cheetahs _____ to communicate with their siblings.
  27. Giraffes _____ softly to communicate with other giraffes.
  28. Humpback Whales _____ haunting songs during mating season.
  29. Cicadas _____ loudly on hot summer days.
  30. Hedgehogs _____ and grunt while foraging for food in the night.
10 Animal Sounds Worksheet. List of Animal Sound.
Animal Sounds Worksheets

Animal sounds Worksheets

10 Animals and their Sounds Worksheet.
Animal Sounds Worksheets

Worksheet 2: Choose the Correct option

1. What sound does a cat make?

A) Bark    B) Moo     C) Meow    D) Roar

2. Which animal makes a chirping sound?

A) Lion     B) Bird     C) Frog       D) Elephant

3. What is the sound of a dog?

A) Ribbit   B) Oink     C) Neigh    D) Bark

4. What sound does a horse make?

A) Roar    B) Neigh  C) Quack    D) Hiss

5. Which animal makes a hooting sound?

A) Monkey B) Owl    C) Dolphin  D) Snake

6. What is the sound of a duck?

A) Bark      B) Quack  C) Meow   D) Moo

7. Which animal makes a buzzing sound?

A) Bee       B) Cow      C) Tiger    D) Elephant

8. What sound does a rooster make?

A) Howl     B) Moo       C) Crow   D) Meow

9. What is the sound of a pig?

A) Quack   B) Bark      C) Oink    D) Hiss

10. Which animal makes a hissing sound?

A) Frog      B) Dog       C) Snake  D) Lion



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