Antonym Words List A to Z with PDF

Antonyms Words List A to Z
Antonyms Words List A to Z

This article helps learn antonym words list A to Z PDF for beginner English learners. Antonyms words list will not only help you add variety to your English language but will also strengthen your English language expression. The Antonyms list is not only for beginners but for 2nd grade, grade 4, competitive exams,  grade 3 and for all the other grades.

Let’s define ‘Antonyms’ first; A Antonyms is a word having the opposite meaning.

Antonym Words List A to Z

Antonym Words List A

Words Antonyms
antonym synonym
apart together
argue agree
arrest free
arrival departure
arrive depart
artificial natural
autumn spring
awake asleep
animal human
annoy satisfy
answer ask
answer question
animal human
attack defence
attic cellar
alive dead
all none
allow forbid
already not yet
attack defend
awful nice
ask answer
asleep awake
ascent descent
amuse bore
ancestor descendant
angel devil
amateur professional
amuse bore
always never
ancient modern
attack defend

Antonym Words List A

Antonym Words List B

Words Antonyms
broad  narrow
big small, little
blunt sharp
better worse
bitter sweet
borrow lend
bravery cowardice
bitter sweet
build destroy, demolish
bold timid, meek
bright dull
back  in front of
best worst
blame praise
bless curse
bent straight
big small, little
blunt sharp
better worse
bold timid, meek
broad narrow
bent straight
backward  forward
bad  good
blame praise
bless curse
bitter sweet
brave cowardly
break  fix
bitter sweet
borrow lend
bravery cowardice
borrow lend
bravery cowardice
build destroy, demolish
bottom  top
boy  girl

Antonym Words List B

Antonym Words List C

Words Antonyms
close  open
capable incapable
cloudy  clear
clear vague, cloudy
careful rush, careless
calm troubled
closed  open
catch  miss
ceiling  floor
captivity freedom, liberty
careful careless
careless careful
common rare
cellar  attic
certainly  probably
clever  stupid
calm troubled
courage cowardice
cruel kind
courteous discourteous, rude
clear vague, cloudy
careful rush, careless
correct incorrect
conceal reveal
come go
capable incapable
captivity freedom, liberty
clockwise anti-clockwise
correct incorrect
conceal reveal

Antonym Words List C

Antonym Words List D

Words Antonyms
dawn sunset
dally hurry
doubt trust
drunk sober
demolish build
downwards upwards
daytime midnight
denounce praise
death  birth
dusk dawn
decrease increase
definite indefinite
demand supply
despair hope
dainty clumsy
danger safety
dark light
deep shallow
defeat  victory
dry dry
dark light
doctor patient
damage improve
discourage encourage
different similar
divide join
dim bright
docile disobedient
dormant awake
despair hope
defy obey
delicate strong
demand supply
defend attack

Antonym Words List D

Antonym Words List E

Words Antonyms
empty  full
end  begin
exceptional usual
enemy  friend
ecstasy misery
even  odd
excited  calm
enormous tiny
enlarge reduce
enjoy  hate
enter  leave
encourage discourage
entrance exit
employer employee
entrance  exit
equal  different
enough insufficient
excite bore
ebb flow
East West
economise waste
exciting  boring
exclude  include
early late
easy difficult
empty full
excited calm
end beginning
expand contract
entirely partially
evident unnoticeable
evil virtuous
expensive cheap
export import
exterior interior
external internal
enormous tiny
everlasting transient
exactly inaccurately
early late

Antonym Words List E

Antonym Words List F

Words Antonyms
fix  break
flat  hilly
follow  lead
fat thin
fast slow
fat skinny
frown smile
freeze boil
feeble strong
fat thin
friend enemy
fortunate unfortunate
forget remember
fact fiction
few many
fresh stale
find lose
fake real
floor ceiling
forgivable unforgivable
forward backward
float sink
fall rise
forbid  allow
foolish wise
famous unknown
firm flabby
find  lose
first last
free restricted

Antonyms Words List F

Antonym Words List G

Words Antonyms
grief joy
gentle violent
grow shrink
give take
gloomy light
get lose
garbage can  rubbish
generous greedy
gigantic tiny
guilty guilty
go go
glorify dishonour
giant giant
gallant cowardly
gratis for a fee
general particular
generous mean
gentle violent
great ordinary
grant beg
good bad
good luck bad luck
grown-up child
grasping generous
gentleman lady
giant tiny
girl boy
guilty innocent
guest host

Antonyms Words List G

Antonym Words List H

Words Antonyms
harmful harmless
health disease
heat cold
harvest  plant
hit miss
hate enjoy
human animal
healthy sick
humid dry
hard easy, soft
hero coward
happy sad
huge tiny
harsh mild
hot cold
husband wife
host guest
heaven hell
horizontal vertical
he she
handsome ugly
happiness sadness
hungry full
hopeless hopeful
high low
hopeful desperate
here there
high low
heavy light
hilly flat


Antonyms Words List H

Antonym Words List I

Words Antonyms
identical different
intentional accidental
illicit legal
interesting boring
ignite extinguish
inertia activeness
ignorant educated
moderate moderate
incisive rambling
innocent guilty
ichor unmovable
insult compliment
intelligent silly, stupid
implacable peaceable
important unimportant
inscrutable expressive
inter exhume
in out
include exclude
ichor unmovable
important trivial
immigration emigration
import export
instructor pupil
infallible capable
increase decrease
intentional accidental
in front of back
interrupt continue
inside outside

Antonyms Words List I

Antonym Words List J

Words Antonyms
joy grief
jitney smoker
jocular serious
jocund sad
jabs pulls
jeopardy safety
juncture split
junket scouting trip
junta empire
justify blame
jingoism melting pot
juggernaut small person
jacks dozen
jade refresh
jealous admiring
jags levels
jubilant downcast
jail free
joust peace
jealous trusting
junior senior
jeremiad confound

Antonyms Words List J

Antonym Words List K

Words Antonyms
kind cruel
kin unrelated
keen sharp
kindergarten college
keep give
kaput active
kid adult
kowtow disrespect
knotty royal
knead destroy
knock praise
knit unravel
knotty royal
kickoff destination
kennel citadel
kidnap release
kudos shame
kneel rise
knife spoon
key ancillary
king queen
kit disburse
know forget
knowledge ignorance
knob hole
kick take up
kosher improper
kill bear
kayak winter sports
kernel exterior

Antonyms Words List K

Antonym Words List L

Words Antonyms
liquid  solid
little  big
little  much
left right
long  short
lose  win
loud  quiet
landlord tenant
lazy active
live  die
lazy diligent
lovely  terrible
low  high
lower  raise
lawful unlawful
laugh cry
lack plenty
lady gentleman
life death
light dark
long short
loser winner
love  hate
lovely  terrible
light heavy
less more
land water
large small
last first
late early

Antonyms Words List L

Antonym Words List M

Words Antonyms
major  minor
male  female
miss  catch
moderate extreme
militate boost morale
mess order
midnight noon
modern ancient
merry sad
minatory bright
minor major
mirth depression
man woman
master servant
maximum minimum
mean generous
melt freeze
montage ruin
miser spendthrift
mosaic facile
mature immature
morning evening
mountain valley
moon  sun
more  less
much  little
monarchy republic
most least
marry divorce
maximum minimum

Antonyms Words List M

Antonym Words List N

Words Antonyms
native stranger
natural artificial
nasty  nice
new  ancient
nice  awful
narrow wide
neat messy
negative positive
none some
now then
niece  nephew
night  day
nephew niece
never always
north south
nasty pleasant
no yes
noon midnight
none of al lof
nasty nice
near distant, far
negative affirmative
nobody everybody
noisy quiet, silent
normal strange
north south
now then
nadir zenith
not yet already
nothing everything

Antonyms Words List N

Antonym Words List P

Words Antonyms
plant  harvest
plenty  lack
praise criticism
powerful weak
poverty wealth
parents children
possible impossible
pleasant  awful
poverty riches
predator prey
private public
peace war
pre post
pass fail
partial total
permanent temporary
plural singular
part whole
polite impolite
plentiful scarce
pretty ugly
poor rich
patient impatient
particular general
polite rude
put on take off
prudent imprudent
push pull
presence absence
pure impure
present past

Antonyms Words List P

Antonym Words List Q

Words Antonyms
question answer
quick slow
quiet loud, noisy
quadriceps biceps
quagmire desert
quarter evict
queen king
quick slow
quirkily normally
queasy healthy
querulous affable
queue disorganization
quests predators
quoted hid
quotable unquotable
quotient aggregate
qualified unqualified
question solution
quantum point
quagmire desert
queries answers
quiet noisy
quit continue
quake still
quadrant circle
quietly loudly
quotably unquotable
quite hardly
quicker clearer
quilting blandness


Antonyms Words List Q

Antonym Words List R

Words Antonyms
rear  front
rude  polite
reply question
radiant dull
rakish unfashionable
relevant irrelevant
rapacious charitable
rich poor
rapport rapport
rare common
right wrong
raze construct
regular irregular
reciprocal unrequited
risky safe
relief heartbreak
rapid slow
renege fulfill
rough smooth
right left
republic dictatorship
rural urban
real fake
robust weak
roil pacify
rude polite
retrench augment
resound execrate
rainy sunny
rear front

Antonym Words List A to Z PDF

Antonym Words List S

Words Antonyms
sadness happiness
safe dangerous
security danger
seldom often
salt sugar
senior junior
sweet bitter
synonym antonym
solid liquid
special general
spring autumn
sometimes often
sunny cloudy
supporter opponent
start finish
stupid clever
suburb centre
strange normal
sour sweet
south north
success failure
stranger native
strict gentle
soul body
sugar salt
strong weak
student teacher
son daughter
summer winter
sun moon

Antonym Words List A to Z

Antonym Words List T

Words Antonyms
tame wild
tall short
thrive fail
total part
true false
teacher student
then now
trap release
terrible wonderful
teach learn
terrible lovely
there here
throw catch
thirsty hungry
tolerant intolerant
transparent opaque
thick thin
thin thick
town village
tragedy comedy
tie untie
together apart
tomorrow yesterday
tough easy
true false
top bottom
total partial
tough tender
tight loose
tiny giant

Antonym Words List A to Z

Antonym Words List U

Words Antonyms
useless useful
untouchable reachable
unduly appropriately
unity division
undying mortal
unsafe safe
untried great
up down
upstairs downstairs
unqualified qualified
union  separation
unease peace
ugly beautiful
under over
understand misunderstand
urban rural
useful useless
unique  common
ugliness beauty
upset  stabilize
upbringing adulthood
urge  deter
unfold fold
uncanny natural
upside-down right-side-up
untrue loyal
under over
untoward happy
us them
unknown known

Antonyms Words List U

Antonym Words List V

Words Antonyms
violent gentle
visitor host
vanish appear
victory defeat
virtue vice
vast tiny
voluntary compulsory
virtue vice
vacant occupied
vale hill
visible invisible
vanquish conquer
vascular avascular
vanish appear
vegetate activate
vast tiny
venality  integrity
vowel consonant
vendetta agreement
veneer show
venerable contemptible
village town
venomous harmless
veracity dishonesty
viability fatality
villain  hero
vintage new
valley mountain
vertical horizontal

Antonyms Words List V

Antonym Words List W

Words Antonyms
worst best
wrong correct
wild calm
wide narrow
wife husband
warranty repudiation
women men
worse better
water land
weak powerful
winner loser
winter summer
wadi mountain top
wealth poverty
wealthy poor
white black
whole part
woof basic
wry straight
wan colorful
war peace
warm cool
west east
wet dry
 wunderkind butterfingers
within outside
wedding divorce
well (gesund) ill
win lose
whiplash unlash

Antonym Words List A to Z PDF

Antonym Words List X

Words Antonyms
Xenophobic Multicultural
Xeric Hydric
Xylonic Sensitive
Xanthein Doubter
Xenogenetic Acquired
Xanthous Neutral
Xenophobia Tolerance
Xerophagies Healthy Snack
Xenial Hostile
Xerotes Waterlessness
Xanthism Monotheism
Xenic Violent
Xerotic Bland
Xanthein Pantheistic
Xanthous Neutral
Xenophobic Multicultural
Xenobiotic Eremitic
Xenophobia Tolerance
Xenogeneic Allogeneic
Xenolithic New
Xenophiles Powellise

Opposite Words List X

Antonym Words List Y

Words Antonyms
youthful experienced
yowl laugh
yenta pleasant woman
yahoo derp
yak speak concisely
yank push
yuck yum
yielding stubborn
yokemate bachelor
yet moreover
yokel slicker
yelp laugh
yap be quiet
yaw adjust
yawn romantic
yack soft drink
young old
yes no
yesterday tomorrow
youngling sire
yowling being quiet
yearlong short
yeasty spiritless
yacht patrol boat
yackety-yak quiet
yip conceal
yard distribute
yabber make it clear
yo-yo smarty pants
young old

Antonym Words List Y

Antonym Words List Z

Words Antonyms
zero point all
zealotry defeatism
zilch superstar
zaniness sagacity
zany serious
zillion few
zany clever
zip slow
zest dullness
zones wholes
zaftig thin
zealous apathetic
zebra crossing bike lane
zero in digress
zagged on the wagon
zeal indifference
zephyr windstorm
zombies angels
zesty insipid
zealously grimly
zephyr windstorm
zigzag straight
zip unzip
yo-yo smarty pants

Antonym Words List Z


Antonym Words List A to Z PDF

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