List of Computer Accessories Name with Picture

List of Computer Accessories Name with Picture

Computer accessories are essential components that complement and enhance the functionality of your computer setup. From input devices like keyboards and mice to output devices like monitors and speakers, these accessories play a crucial role in improving your computing experience.

Learning about computer accessories is important for several reasons, especially in today’s technology-driven world. 

Computer accessories close in a wide range of devices that enhance the functionality and usability of a computer.

Computer Accessories List

These are just some of the many computer accessories available to enhance your computing experience. The specific accessories you need may depend on your usage and requirements.

Keyboard: Input device used for typing and controlling the computer.

Mouse: Pointing device for navigating the computer’s interface.

Monitor: Displays the computer’s output, including text, images, and videos.

Speakers: Output devices for audio, used to listen to sound from the computer.

Headphones/Headset: Personal audio devices for listening to computer audio privately.

Webcam: Camera for video conferencing, live streaming, or capturing images and videos.

External Hard Drive: A storage device for additional data backup and storage capacity.

USB Flash Drive: Portable storage device for transferring and storing data.

Printer: Outputs digital documents and images onto physical paper.

Scanner: Converts physical documents and images into digital format.

External Optical Drive: Reads and writes CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs.

USB Hub: Expands the number of available USB ports on a computer.

Docking Station: Allows laptops to connect to multiple peripherals with a single connection.

Graphics Tablet: An input device for digital artists and graphic designers.

Wireless Router: Connects devices to the internet wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

Ethernet Cable: Wired connection cable for a faster and more stable internet connection.

External SSD (Solid-State Drive): Fast and portable storage solution.

Mouse Pad: Provides a smooth surface for mouse movement.

Keyboard Cover: Protects the keyboard from spills and dust.

Laptop Stand: Elevates a laptop for better ergonomics and cooling.

Cable Management Accessories: Cable clips, organizers, and sleeves for tidying up cables.

Power Strip: Provides additional electrical outlets for multiple devices.

Gaming Accessories: Gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, controller, and gaming headset.

Touchpad Gloves: Keep your hands warm while using a touchpad in cold environments.

Privacy Screen Filter: Prevents others from viewing your screen from side angles.

Screen Cleaner: Used to clean computer screens and displays.

Stylus Pen: An input device for touch screens and graphics tablets.

Monitor Arm: Allows adjustable positioning of the monitor for ergonomic benefits.

Bluetooth Adapter: Adds Bluetooth connectivity to computers that don’t have it built-in.

Microphone: Used for voice recording, video conferencing, or gaming.

External Graphics Card (eGPU): Used to enhance graphics performance on laptops.

Cooling Pad: Helps keep laptops cool by dissipating heat.

Monitor Stand: Raises the monitor to eye level for better ergonomics.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo: A set of keyboards and mice that connect wirelessly to the computer.

USB-C Hub: Provides additional ports and connectivity options for laptops with USB-C ports.

Laptop Bag or Backpack: Designed to carry and protect laptops while on the go.

Ergonomic Keyboard: Designed to reduce strain and improve typing comfort.

Trackball Mouse: An alternative to traditional mice, controlled by rotating a ball.

Gaming Controller: Used for gaming on computers, especially for games that require a gamepad.

Power Bank: Portable charger for laptops and other devices.

External Webcam Stand: Adjustable stand for positioning webcams at the desired angle.

USB Wi-Fi Adapter: Enhances wireless connectivity on desktop computers or laptops with weak Wi-Fi signals.

Multi-Card Reader: Reads various types of memory cards, such as SD and microSD.

Numeric Keypad: An external keypad for laptops lacking a dedicated numeric keypad.

Wrist Rest: Provides wrist support during extended typing sessions.

Screen Calibration Tool: Used by graphic professionals to calibrate monitor colors.

Dust Covers: Protects keyboards and monitors from dust and spills.

Portable Laptop Desk: A lap desk with a built-in cushion for comfortable laptop use.

Wireless Presentation Remote: For advancing slides during presentations.

Desk Organizer: Helps keep cables, pens, and other accessories organized.

Computer Lock and Security Cable: Secures laptops and desktops from theft.

USB Microphone Stand: Holds USB microphones for recording or streaming.

Graphics Card Support Bracket: Supports heavy graphics cards to prevent sagging.

Touch Screen Gloves: Enable touchscreen use in cold weather.

Wireless Charging Pad: Charges smartphones and other devices wirelessly.

Bluetooth Headphones/Earphones: Wireless audio devices for computers and mobile devices.

Thunderbolt Dock: Provides a range of ports for high-speed data transfer and connectivity.

External Webcam Cover: A physical cover for webcam privacy.

Computer Tool Kit: Contains various tools for computer assembly and maintenance.

Desk Cable Tray: Hides and manages cables under the desk.

Computer Accessories Name List with Pictures and Names


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