100 Most Important Synonyms for Competitive Exams

Synonyms for Competitive Exams

Learn 100 Important Synonyms for Competitive Exams; CSS, PMS, FPSC and others with PDF. The Synonyms list help prepare for competitive exams particularly one paper MCQs

A synonym is a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or a phrase.

Words  Synonyms
argosy big trading ship
aria song, strain
battery series, set, run, string
beset overwhelmed, inundate, plague
cardigan knitted garment, sweater, jacket
career vocation, job, calling, livelihood
anomaly incongruity, variance, glitch
anomie immorality, isolation
calisthenics movements, exercises
camber arc, bend, bow, curvature
execrable very bad, terrible, appalling
exhortation catchphrase, refrain, buzz word
bauble trinket, trifle, decoration
bayou swamp, marsh, wetland, bog
berate rebuke, criticize, scold, slate
berm bank
fascia front, facade, face, outlook
fateful momentous, significant, efficient
obtuse imperceptive, simple minded
odometer milometer, meter
onerous burdensome, arduous, heavy, difficult
antagonist contender, adversary, rival
archive records, files, collection
exonerate acquit, forgive, clear, pardon
extrapolate generalize, infer, guess
extricate remove, get out, extract
carapace covering, case, exterior, shell
extrinsic outer, external
hiatus gap
junta military rule
justify validate
jingoism patriotism
gallant chivalrous
gather collect
remedial corrective, counteractive, curative
renege break words or promise, revoke
score attain, make, gain
jitney autobus
jocular funny
juncture stage
veneer covering, surface, coating, finish
venerable respected, august, esteemed, revered
wunderkind wonder child, successful, genius
unregenerate unreformed, depraved, obstinate
lulu beauty, attractive, seductive
memento souvenir, reminder, keepsake
mentor advisor, counselor, teacher
palpitation tremor, shudder, shiver, tremble
pampas plain, grassland, lowland
nip and tuck close, near
non sequitur conclusion, reply, response
nuance fine distinction, shade, tone, degradation
lucidity articulacy, eloquence, fluency
militate oppose, act upon, influence
minatory menacing, ominous, sinister
mirth amusement, hilarity
huge vast
humble modest
humiliate embarrass
hot warm
hector bully
faux fake, artificial, unreal
fermentation agitation, unrest
opportune apt, fitting, appropriate, favorable
nadir lowest point, depth
nary neither, never
nee family name of a woman, need
optimum best, favorable, possible
orb globe, sphere, planet
palazzo public building, palace, museum
kill madder
ligament tendon, sinew
ligature binder
scorn contempt, disdain, disrespect
quorum gathering, assemblage
quarter district, sector, area
queasy nauseous, sick, ill
paper tiger timid and weak
par equivalence, balance, equality
quintessential typical, archetypal, ideal
lineage ancestry, family, heredity
lodestar guiding, model, guide
scorn contempt, disdain, disrespect
scruple hesitation, qualm, doubt, regret
sedate anaesthetize, tranquilize, calm, cool
seder passover dinner, ceremonial dinner
sediment residue, deposits, dregs
redolent scented, aromatic, fragrant
regime government, command, rule,
relief release, respite, reprieve
torpid stagnant, lazy, languorous
totem clan, emblem, experiment
vanquish conquer, subjugate, defeat
vascular vessels, conduction
vendetta feud, quarrel, grudge, revenge
veneer covering, surface, coating, finish
venerable respected, august, esteemed, revered
wunderkind wonder child, successful, genius
whiplash lash of whip
wan pale, pallid, washed-out
trifle little, touch, bit. drop
uncanny eerie, weird, strange, mysterious, creepy
undergird secure, brace up, support
xenophobic disease, fear
xeric dehydrated, dry
xanadu place of beauty, luxury, contentment
wadi water course, valley, stream
traction grip, toehold, footing
trepidation fear, anxiety, unease, apprehension
triage sorting, allocating aid
fiesta feast, holiday, celebration
figment imaginary, fabrication, creation
genuine real
gigantic immense
give donate

Synonyms for Competitive Exams Synonyms for Competitive Exams Synonyms for Competitive Exams Synonyms for Competitive Exams

Synonyms for Competitive Exams


Synonyms for Competitive Exams PDF

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