Names of Types of Balls with Infographics

Names of Types Of Balls Vocabulary
Names of Types Of Balls Vocabulary

There are different types of balls used in sports and Each sport has its own particular ball, like soccer balls for kicking, basketballs for hoops, and tennis balls for racquets. These sports balls are not just tools; they symbolize the fun and competition of sports. They are carefully made to help athletes perform their best and enjoy the game. Sports balls bring excitement to sports worldwide, making them an essential part of sports and games everywhere.

A sports ball is a spherical object typically used in various sports and recreational activities. These balls come in different sizes, materials, and designs. Sports balls are essential equipment in sports like soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, golf, baseball, cricket, and many others.

35 Types of Sports Balls

Sr. no Sport Ball
1 Soccer ball
2 Basketball
3 Volleyball
4 Tennis ball
5 Golf ball
6 American football
7 Baseball
8 Softball
9 Cricket ball
10 Rugby ball
11 Table tennis ball
12 Beach volleyball
13 Handball
14 Bowling ball
15 Lacrosse ball
16 Hockey puck
17 Badminton shuttlecock
18 Squash ball
19 Racquetball
20 Bocce ball
21 Water polo ball
22 Shot put
23 Juggling balls
24 Gaelic football
25 Hurling ball
26 Australian rules football
27 Dodgeball
28 Sepak takraw ball
29 Wiffle ball
30 Paddleball
31 Footbag (hacky sack)
32 Korfball
33 Petanque ball
34 Jai alai ball (pelota)
35 Boomerang
Names of All Types of Balls Used in Sports
All Types of Sports Balls

Types of Balls and Their Uses

Golf Ball

In golf, players use a club to hit this small, dimpled ball into a hole. The ball’s design helps it travel long distances when hit properly.

Tennis Ball

This is a small, fuzzy yellow or green ball used in tennis. Its bounce and size make it perfect for quick back-and-forth rallies across the net.


Used in the sport of volleyball, this ball is larger and softer than a basketball. Players bump, set, and spike it over a high net.

Rugby Ball

This is an oval-shaped ball used in rugby. Players run, kick, and pass it backwards to score points against the opposing team.


This is a big, round ball that bounces well. Players dribble, pass, and shoot it into a hoop to score points in the game of basketball.

Soccer Ball (Football)

Known as football outside the US, this round ball is used in the world’s most popular sport. Players use their feet to pass, dribble, and shoot, trying to score goals.


A hard ball with red stitching used in baseball. Players hit it with a bat and run around bases to score points.

Cricket Ball

Used in cricket, this hard ball has a stitched seam. Batsmen try to hit it, while bowlers aim to get them out with strategic throws.

Ping Pong (Table Tennis) Ball

A small, lightweight ball used in table tennis. Players hit it back and forth on a table using small paddles.

Billiards/Pool Balls

These are colorful, numbered balls used in billiards or pool games. Players use a cue stick to hit them into pockets on a table.

Bowling Ball

A heavy ball with finger holes used in bowling. Players roll it down a lane to knock down pins arranged in a triangle.

Lacrosse Ball

In lacrosse, players use a stick with a net at the end to catch, carry, and throw this small rubber ball, aiming to score goals.

Polo Ball

Used in the game of polo, where players on horseback use mallets to hit this ball, aiming to score in the opposing team’s goal.


Imagine a game that’s a mix between soccer and basketball, but you use your hands to pass and throw the ball. That’s handball. The ball is just the right size to grip and throw easily.


Think of pickleball as the fun cousin of tennis and ping-pong. The ball looks a bit like a whiffle ball with holes in it, making it perfect to play with paddles.

Beach Ball

Everyone knows the colorful beach ball! It’s the soft, bouncy ball you see at pool parties or beach outings. It floats and is fun for casual play.


Netball is a team game like basketball, but with a twist. The ball resembles a soccer ball, and players aim to shoot it into tall netted rings.

Water Polo

Ever tried playing soccer in a pool? Water polo is a bit like that. The ball is designed to be easily held, even when wet, as players try to score goals in the water.


Indoor soccer, known as futsal, has its special ball. It’s a tad smaller than a regular soccer ball and doesn’t bounce too much, making it perfect for indoor play.


Remember playing dodgeball at school? It’s the game where you avoid getting hit by rubber balls. It’s as fun (and intense) as it sounds!

Sepak Takraw

From Southeast Asia, sepak takraw is like volleyball but with a twist: you use your feet! The ball, usually woven, is light and flies high when kicked.


Love soccer? Love golf? Mix them together, and you have footgolf. You kick a soccer ball, trying to get it into big golf-like holes in the fewest kicks possible.


Korfball is all about teamwork. It’s a sport where you pass the ball to your teammates and try to shoot it into a tall basket. Plus, both boys and girls play together in the same team.

Jai Alai

A fast-paced game where players throw a hard ball against a wall using a special curved basket. It’s thrilling and requires quick reflexes. Jai alai is like the extreme version of catch.

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