50 Examples of Synonyms with Sentences

50 Examples of Synonyms with Sentences
50 Examples of Synonyms with Sentences

This article helps learn 50 Examples of Synonyms with Sentences for beginner English learners. Synonyms words list will help you add variety to your English Vocabulary usage. The given list of synonyms with meanings will strengthen your English language expression. The synonyms list is not only for beginners but for 2nd grade, grade 4, competitive exams,  grade 3 and for all the other grades.

Let’s define ‘Synonym’ first; A synonym is a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or a phrase.

50 Examples of Synonyms

Words Sentence  Synonyms  Sentence 
Able she is able to do this. Capable  I knew he was capable of something like this.
Wrong Sometimes I make a mistake and do the wrong thing. Incorrect The information he gave us was incorrect.
Unmarried He disapproves of unmarried couples living together. Single he will stay single all his life.
Total We’ll be on the road for a total of five days Entire You thought about it for the entire night.
Latest Her dresses are always of the latest fashion. Modern He didn’t need to understand modern science.
Cunning She is cunning as a fox. Crafty They may be crafty or clever.
Rescue I didn’t need you to rescue me. Save I would give my life to save you from trouble.
Fantastic It was fantastic! Great It’s great and I love it.
Help I couldn’t help but do it. Assist She had the sudden urge to assist him.
Say I won’t say anything to anyone. Tell I tell her she must go.
Rich We all dream of becoming rich. Wealthy I think he’s wealthy.
Naughty He is a naughty boy. Mischievous She yelled at her mischievous child.
Business She runs a big business. Trade I was taught a simple trade in order to make some money.
Neat The movie last night was really neat. Tidy It was tidy and empty.
Fast He is a fast reader. Quick She took a quick step back.
End How will it end? Finish Just ignore them and finish up.
Value The plumber will fit some new safety values. Worth She felt She was not worthy of him.
Buy He decided to buy it. Purchase I want to purchase tickets for the festival.
Listen Just listen to what she has to say. Hear Just hear us out.
Cunning She gave a cunning smile as he tensed. Clever He is a clever fellow!
Sundown Sky after sundown, more called Hesperus. Sunset I watched the sunset through the window.
Yearly She later made yearly visits to Landon. Annually My book Published annually in December.
Writer He is a writer of Englishan. Author It’s a famous author named Narmeen Khan.
Suggest She suggests me take the advice. Propose How do you propose to stop them?
Alike I and my sister looked alike to be twins. Same She does the same thing.
Loud They are getting a little loud. Noisy noisy beggar by the road.
Chop Chop the mushroom. Cut She has to cut the potato.
Trust She trusts me. Believe I can’t believe you.
Danger Mobile res is danger for kids. Harm anything harm for us?


Keep We must keep at least one cart. Hold There, that should hold you.
Connect I don’t need to connect the dots. Join I should join you sometime.
Job I do job for 10,000. Occupation My occupation is teaching
Shy He asked with a shy smile. Bashful she has no respect for a bashful man.
Blank It’s blank. Empty The glass is empty.
Mistake I made a mistake. Error You made an error.
Laugh Don’t laugh at me! Giggle She giggles like a little kid
Easy It was easy. Simple It’s a very simple idea.
Gift I bought her some chocolates as a gift. Present He gave a present to my friend.
Help Help them! Assist She can assist you in any way.
Quiet She must be absolutely quiet. Silent He can no longer remain silent.
Aim I aim to be a writer. Goal She is too close to my goal to give up now
Opportunity Don’t miss this opportunity. Chance Give her a chance.
Gather The people gathered in the square. Collect She loves collecting stones at the beach
Fall fall asleep. Drop Drop the pencils.
Receive He received a box at work. Get Does she get up at one?
Find Find a job! Discover Who discovered America?
Polite Please be polite! Courteous It was courteous of her to write a letter of thanks.
Odd He was an odd. Strange She acted very strange today.
Extra I need an extra pillow. Additional How much was the additional charge?
Rich You are rich. Wealthy I think she’s wealthy.
50 Examples of Synonyms with Sentences
50 Examples of Synonyms with Sentences

50 Examples of Synonyms with Sentences

50 Examples of Synonyms with Sentences PDF

100 Examples of Synonyms with Sentences,

50 Examples of Synonyms with Sentences

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