Family Members: Names of Members of the Family in English to Urdu

Family Members: Names of Members of the Family in English



Members of the basic family

(a family of your own bloodline)

English Urdu Explanation
Maternal-great-grandfather پر دادا (grandmother of one’s father)
Maternal-great-grandmother پر دادی (grandmother of one’s mother)
Paternal great-grandfather پر نانا (grandmother of one’s father)
Paternal-great-grandmother پر نانی (grandmother of one’s mother)
Maternal-grandfather دادا (father of one’s father)
Maternal-grandmother دادی (father of one’s mother)
Paternal-grand father نانا (mother of one ‘father)
Paternal-grandmother نانی (mother of one’s mother)
Father: ابو  
Mother امی  
Paternal Uncle چچا (brother of one’s father)
Paternal Aunt پھپو (sister of one’s father)
Maternal Uncle: خالہ (brother of one’s mother)
Maternal Aunt خالو (sister of one’s mother)
Brother بھائی  
Sister بہن  
Paternal cousin چچا زاد بھائی / بہن (child of one’s paternal uncle)
Maternal cousin ماموں زاد بھائی بہن (child of one’s maternal uncle)
Husband شوہر (one’s spouse)
Wife بیوی (one’s spouse)
Nephew بھانجا/بھتیجا (son of one’s brother or sister)
Niece بھانجی/ بھتیجی (daughter of one’s brother or sister)
Son بیٹا  
daughter بیٹی  
Grand-son پوتا/نواسا (son of one’s son or daughter)
Grand-daughter پوتی / نواسی (daughter of one’s daughter or son)

Family Members: Names of Members of the Family in English to Urdu


Members of Extended Family

 (becomes your family members after getting married)

English Urdu Explanation
Father-in-law سوسر (father of one’s husband or life)
Mother-in-law ساس (mother of one’s husband or wife)
Brother-in-law بہنوئی / سالہ (brother of one’s wife or husband)
Sister-in-law بھابی / سا لی (sister of one’s wife or husband)
Son-in-law داما (husband of one’s daughter)
Daughter-in-law بہو (wife of one’s son)
Co brother سمدھی (husband of your wife’s sister)
Co sister سمدھن (wife of your husband’s brother)
Cousin’s Husband چچا زاد ماموں زاد بہن کا شوہر (husband of one’s uncle’s daughter)
Cousin’s Wife چچا زاد / ماموں زاد بھائی کی بیوی (wife of one’s uncle’s son)
  Stepfather سوتیلا باپ (not biological father)
Stepmother سوتیلی ماں  (not biological mother)
Stepson سوتیلا بیٹا  (a son of one’s husband or wife by a previous marriage)
Stepdaughter سوتیلی بیٹی  (a daughter of one’s husband or wife by a previous marriage)


My Family Members Name

Great-grandparents پردادا دادی / پرنانا نانی
Grandparents دادا دادی / نانا نانی
Parent والدین
Sibling بہن یا بھائی
Spouse خاوند یا بیوی
Single غیر شادی شُدہ
Married شادی شُدہ
Relation تعلق / رشتہ
Relative رشتے دار
Twin جڑوا
Oldest سب سے بڑا
youngest سب سے چھوٹا
Firstborn پہلوٹھا
Infant شیر خوار بچہ
Toddler چھوٹا بچا جس نے گھومنا شروع کیا ہو
Engagement منگنی
Widow بیوہ
Divorced طلاق یافتہ
Widower رنڈوا
Marriage شادی
Bride دلہن
Groom دولہا
Fiance منگیتر عورت
Fiancee منگیتر مرد
Ancestor آباواجداد
Bloodline پیڑھی / خاندان
Family Tree (Genealogy ) شجرہ نسب
Offspring آل اولاد
Clan قبیلہ
Maternal ماں کی طرف کا
Paternal باپ کی طرف سے
Grandpa دادا / نانا
Grandma  دادی / نانی
Granny نانی / دادی
Mum ماں
Dad باپ

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