Other Way To Say I am busy | synonyms and related Words

50 way to say i am busy


I have some business to attend
I’m a little preoccupied
I have some urgent business
I’m a little busy here
I got better things to do
I am busier than busy
I’m as busy as a bee
I am busy as a beaver
I got my hands full
I have things
I’ve got obligations
I’m busy with work
I am so busy
I got a lot of work
I have business
Nothing else to do
I’m up to my neck
There’s something i got to do
I’m involved with
I’m not in
As busy as a bee
I’m up to my eyes
I’ve lots to do
I have better things to do
I got places to go
I have a busy
I don’t have time for this

Other Way To Say “I Am Busy”