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Phrasal Verb with act

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Phrasal Verb list with A with example sentences and meanings 

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Examples of phrasal verb A

Absent from

Not present at some  place

Why were they absent from the college on Sunday?


Act as

To perform the function or role of

My job is to act as an interpreter.


Abide by

Submit to

We must abide by the divine order.


Act on, upon

Act in accordance with

The Children act upon their parent’s advice.


Abstain from

Withhold oneself from

He must abstain themselves from smoking


Accede to

Agree with

At last, Teacher acceded to is student’s request.


Add on

Make an addition

The Shop kipper is adding on 20% service charges.


Accord with

To agree,  to correspond

Those actions do not accord with their saying.


Account for

To be answer able

One must account for his misdeeds all by himself.


Accuse of

To be guilty of

You person who was accused of theft has to pay the penalty.


Accustom to

Used to of some habit

That was easy to accustom one to bad habits.


Acquit of

Declare innocent or not guilty

Ariya was acquitted of the charge against him.


Absolve from

Set free as from some obligation

She absolved me from my promise.


Act for

To perform somebody’s duties

During her illness, her manager had been acting for her in hers business affair.


Act out

To perform a drama, ceremony etc.

The scene of the birth of Jesus is acted out in this theater every year.


Affiliate to

Be attached to

Our School affiliated with Oxford University.


Answer to

To be require to

Justify one’s actions to somebody.


Adapt to

Make suitable , adjust

An intelligent person always adapts himself to the circumstances.


Admit of

To allow the possible of something

The question of admits of only one answer.


Agitate for

Demand for a change
The public was agitating for the tax reform.


Agree on

Accept, agree on some terms

Her hope the company executive will agree on the terms proposed.


Agree with

Agree with a person

I should agree with your father in this state of matter.


Aim at

Point or direct

The hunter aimed at the deer and shoot accurately.


Alarmed at

Be afraid of
Maroon got alarmed at the bang a run outside.


Alight from

Get down
Fairy alighted from the bus and went straight to her office.


Allude to

Refer to briefly
We didn’t understand the points you alluded to in your speech.


Approximate to

Come near to
The expenditure to our new house is approximate to one million.


Argue against

Express reason against something
The part secretory argued against the opposition minister.


Argue into

To persuade by giving reasons
They argued her to withdrawing hers complaint.


Armed with

Having weapons
The robbers were armed with pistols.


Ascribe to

Attribute to some cause or reason
Her death was ascribed to be a successful businessman.


Ashamed of

To feel shame
The naughty girl was ashamed of herself.


Aspire to

To wish
Sara aspires to be a successful businessman.

  Phrasal Verb List A PDF Lesson

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Phrasal Verbs with Act with Sentences and Meanings Download PDF Lesson


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