Phrasal Verbs with Bring with Sentences

Phrasal Verbs with Bring with example sentences and meanings

Phrasal Verbs with Bring with example of sentences and meanings –  Help you learn important uses of prepositions and adverbs and also it help you speak and write correct English.

Phrasal verbs with “bring” are commonly used in the English language. It is important to learn this phrasal verbs to improve your communication skills. “Bring” is a versatile verb that can form numerous phrasal verbs with different meanings. By mastering phrasal verbs with “bring”, you can make your English sound more natural and fluent. In this article, we will explore some of the most common phrasal verbs with “bring” and provide examples of how to use them in everyday communication.

Phrasal Verbs with Bring with example sentences and meanings


Bring back 1.       To return

2.       to recall

1.       She brought me back my bag.

2.       Looking at the school brought back a lot of memories of my student life.


Bring about Make something happen
The problem would be bring about the best for them.


Bring down 1.       To lower or reduce sth

2.       To land an aircraft

1.       The scandal may bring down the government.

2.       The government has failed to bring down the inflation rate.

3.       The pilot brought his plane down in airport.


Bring forth 1.       To give birth

2.       To produce sth

1.       My mother brought forth me in 1992.

2.       Trees bring forth fruit.


Bring forward 1.       To move to an earlier time or date.

2.       To propose  an idea

1.       Paying of bill has been brought forward from 10 may o 3 May.

2.       Please bring the matter forward for this solution.


Bring in ask someone to come and help
Sara calls to bring in Ali for exam preparation.


Bring in Introduce sth
The company will bring in some new Product.


Bring off accomplish
His fathers were happy if she brought off a task.


Bring round , bring to Help someone regain consciousness
The team of doctor was trying hard to bring me round.

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