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Phrasal Verbs with Call

Phrasal verbs are a group of words that consist of a verb and an adverb or preposition. They are commonly used in English conversation and writing to express a wide range of meanings. One of the most commonly used verbs in phrasal verbs is “call.” Here are some examples of phrasal verbs with “call” and their meanings: Phrasal Verbs with Call with example sentences


Call back
To return a phone call or call again later
She will call him back for reminder.


Call in
Pay somebody a short visit
My mom calls in last night in Sara house.


Call in
Ask somebody , like police or doctor to come and help with a problem
The Police had to be called in because the situation got out of hand.


Call off
Cancel an event
The ceremony called off due to weather.


Call out
Short or announce
Teacher called out the result.


Call up
To telephone somebody
Call me up when you need help.


Call over
To ask someone to come closer
I called my friend over to look at the new book I got.

Call together
To gather people for a meeting or assembly
The director called together the team for a brainstorming session.

Call out for
To demand someone or something
The situation called out for immediate attention.

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