Phrasal Verbs with Get with Sentences and Meanings

Phrasal Verbs with Get with Sentences and Meanings Download PDF Lesson

Phrasal Verbs with  Get  with example sentences and meanings –  Help you learn important uses of  preposition and adverbs  and also it help you speak and write correct English.

Phrasal Verbs with Get with Sentences and Meanings Download PDF Lesson

Get about, get around
To travel
My father’s getting old; he doesn’t get around as much as he used to.


Get away
Leave or escape or have a holiday
Sara will get away in a new car.


Get away with
Not punished for something wrong you have done
The student got away with a fine.


Get back
I couldn’t tell him when he got back.


Get back
Recover something
My son will star to exercise for get his strength back.


Get by
1.     Manage to be something

2.     To let something pass

1.     When you will start your business, you will have to do get by with very little money.

2.      He said that there were so many people that he couldn’t get by.


Get in
To go in a place
Please Get into the car. We’re getting late.


Get into
To become involved in mess, trouble, debt, muddle
Don’t use my credit card too much or you’ll get me into debt.


Get off
To leave a vehicle
If rain will start we have to get off the bus.


Get on
To get old
I’m getting on a bit now, but I’ve still got all me faculties.


Get on
1.     Make progress in something

2.     Continue doing something 

1.     We should get on with our studies.

2.     Why he isn’t an easy man to get on with?


Get on
To take place in a bus, train, plane, horse etc.
The train was full, I couldn’t get on that’s way got late.


Get on with
To have friendly relationship with neighbor, relatives, friends etc.
She must be helpful to get on with her boyfriend.


Get out
To ask to leave a place
The teacher told her to get out of the class.


Get through
1.     Pass some exam, test etc.

2.     Use or spend something

1.     My mother is  sure that i will get through our exam.

2.     He used to gets through about 20 cigarettes a day.


 Get through to
To make someone understand something
It is really very difficult to get through to the autistic kids.

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