First Conditional Worksheets and Exercises with Answers

First Conditional Worksheets and Exercises
First Conditional Worksheet

First Conditional Worksheets are great for learning English. They help you understand ‘if-then’ sentences. These worksheets make it easy to learn how to talk about possible future events. When you use First Conditional Worksheets, you get better at saying what might happen if something else happens first. Teachers use these worksheets to make learning fun and effective. They are a key part of learning English. Using these worksheets makes understanding and using English easier, especially for new learners.

First Conditional Worksheets

Worksheet 1:fill in the blanks with appropriate form of the verb given in bracket.

  1. If it ________ (rain) tomorrow, we ________ (stay) indoors.
  2. If she __________ (study) hard, she _________ (pass) the exam.
  3. I will call you if I _________ (finish) my work early.
  4. If they _________ (miss) the bus, they _______ (be) late for school.
  5. If you ________ (eat) too much, you _________ (feel) sick.
  6. We _________ (not go) to the beach if it _________ (be) cold.
  7. If he _________ (work) late, he _________ (not attend) the meeting.
  8. If the price ________ (rise), people _________ (buy) less.
  9. She _________ (not be) upset if you _________ (apologize).
  10. If you _________ (exercise) regularly, you ________ (be) healthier.
  11. If the traffic _________ (be) heavy, we ________ (take) a different route.
  12. If they _________ (not hurry), they ________ (miss) the train.
  13. If I _________ (see) her, I ________ (tell) her the news.
  14. If the car _________ (break) down, we _________ (call) for help.
  15. We _________ (not go) for a picnic if it _________ (rain).
  16. If he _________ (study) more, he _________(get) better grades.
  17. If you _________ (not water) the plants, they _________ (die).
  18. She ________ (not be) late if she _________ (set) her alarm.
  19. If it _________ (snow) tomorrow, we _________ (build) a snowman.
  20. If they _________ (not leave) early, they _________ (miss) the flight.
  21. If you _________ (not listen) carefully, you _________ (miss) the instructions.
  22. I _________ (buy) a new phone if mine _________ (break).
  23. If you _________ (not study) for the test, you _________ (fail).
  24. If she _________ (not forget) her keys, she _________ (be) locked out.
  25. We _________ (have) a barbecue if the weather _________ (be) nice.
25 Sentences of First Conditional Worksheets.
First Conditional Worksheets

Worksheet 2: Answer of following questions.

  1. If it rains tomorrow, what will you do?
  2. What will happen if you miss the bus?
  3. If you study hard, how will your grades improve?
  4. What will you say if your friend arrives late?
  5. If you win the lottery, what will be the first thing you buy?
  6. How will you feel if you pass the exam?
  7. What will happen if you don’t set an alarm for tomorrow morning?
  8. If your flight is delayed, how will it affect your plans?
  9. What will you do if you see someone in trouble on the street?
  10. If you don’t water the plants, what will happen to them?
  11. How will you react if your favorite team loses the championship?
  12. What will you do if your phone battery dies while you’re out?
  13. If you forget your friend’s birthday, how will you make it up to them?
  14. How will your life change if you get a promotion at work?
  15. If you don’t exercise regularly, what will be the consequences?
  16. What will you say if your parents give you a surprise visit?
15+ Answer questions of First conditional Worksheets.
First Conditional Worksheet

Answers of Worksheet 1:

  1. rains ,  will stay
  2. studies , will pass
  3. finish
  4. miss , will be
  5. eat , will feel
  6. won’t go , is
  7. works  won’t attend
  8. rises ,  will buy
  9. won’t be , apologize.
  10. exercise , will be
  11. is , will take
  12. don’t hurry,  will miss
  13. see , will tell.
  14. breaks , will call
  15. won’t go , rains
  16. studies ,  will get
  17. don’t water ,  will die
  18. won’t , be sets
  19. snows ,  will build
  20. don’t leave , will miss
  21. don’t listen , will miss
  22. will buy , breaks
  23. don’t study , will fail
  24. doesn’t forget , will not be
  25. will have , is

Answers of Worksheet 2:

  1. Stay indoors and read.
  2. Take a taxi to work.
  3. Grades improve, maybe an A.
  4. Ask why and express concern.
  5. Buy a new car.
  6. Treat myself to dinner.
  7. Oversleep, be late.
  8. Disrupts schedule, might miss connecting flight.
  9. Offer help or call for assistance.
  10. Wither and die.
  11. Disappointed but still support.
  12. Find a charging station or ask for a charger.
  13. Apologize, plan belated celebration.
  14. Life improves, consider a vacation.
  15. Gain weight, decline in health.
  16. Thrilled, spend quality time.

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